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  1. I just got a cheese egg. It was in the abandoned cave. HOW. AHHHHH.
  2. I met my girl (CaduceusCade) online in a non-dating context. We hit it off, started chatting online, became good friends, then realized we had feelings for each other. I flew out to see her in person a few times, and then I moved in with her when I lost my job. Our first anniversary's this month. Long distance is crazy hard, I'll tell you that now. It's frustrating to not be able to see each other and hug each other and all that jazz. It does have benefits, though--you have to be really good at talking through problems and communication in general, which carries over when you're physically together. It's true there's an element of risk with online dating, people can lie, etc. But people can lie to you in person easily enough, too, so that doesn't mean a thing to me.
  3. Yeah, we really need to pick up better breakfast food. I knew I shouldn't have gone grocery shopping with Hannibal Lecter. (Excuse us while we take over this whole thread *cough*)
  4. Oh, forgive me. I meant to say my ~delicate porcelain complexion~. Especially right now while I'm sick and look vaguely consumptive like an elegant ivory princess.
  5. I'm a standard Euro-mutt. Largely German, some Swedish, Polish, possibly French, supposedly Native American, possibly Irish? I don't even know the history of my surname, though it's similar enough to a Spanish name to cause confusion when they find pasty blonde me.
  6. It must be nice to live in such a simple black-and-white world. Unfortunately, things aren't always that cut and dried. Did you read about the twelve-year-old upthread whose baby died anyway? Did you read about all the many women whose bodies are utterly destroyed and whose quality of life is drastically reduced, if they even still live? Did you read about all the people who would literally rather die than live through a pregnancy, including myself? I guess you think we probably should if such a thing should befall us, so . . . y'know, that sucks. I disagree with you that a clump of cells is a human. Most zygotes are flushed out of the system without anyone even noticing, for example. And a fetus can't live on its own but rather feeds off the mother--why does she matter less than the thing that doesn't even have a centralized nerve system yet?
  7. Aingeal, I am so sorry that happened to you. That is a horrible choice for a little girl to make. But please try to remember--you were a child, you did what you thought was best at the time, with what knowledge you had.
  8. Riverwillow, I'm sorry that happened to you. Unfortunately, pro-choice is supposed to be about CHOICE and yours was rather taken from you. I'm sorry. But I really respect that you've managed to make a great life for yourself. You're a good mom and a good person.
  9. . . . if that's you just woken up and not photogenic, it's probably a good thing I'm not seeing you irl because I'd be far too shy to talk to you. You, too, Katsuye. You're a very good-looking person. Everyone on this forum = super hot. Jeepers. Especially that CaduceusCade girl. Hey, baby, come here often?
  10. Thanks. Good to know no one in my household loves anyone else enough. Never mind that I've never felt so loved or safe as I have with this woman, who also loves a man. Never mind that she would do anything for both of us. Tact, dude. There are people here living that life, and you're being super rude about your opinion. Maybe YOU can only love one person, and that's fine. But you aren't me. I'm a different person, with different experiences.
  11. And that's why it wouldn't work for you. Some people really are monogamous and that's totally awesome too. I don't view it remotely as cheating at all because it's all out in the open. And if she wanted to date someone else, she'd discuss it with us. (And has done--she was thinking of asking a guy to the movies and it made me uncomfortable because she and I were long distance at the time, and she agreed not to. Turns out she dodged a bullet as he was kind of a loser. ) He and I are also welcome to date other people, with open discussion, but it hasn't really come up yet. And the two of them have been together for ten years!
  12. Isn't it? Traditionally, the woman takes her husband's last name--formerly because she was going, essentially, from her father's ownership to her husband's. She also was traditionally the one to get into trouble for losing her virginity prior to marriage--note, for example, Deuteronomy 22:13-21 pretty much discusses how if she's found out not to be a virgin it's totally fine to stone her to death. There is no matching law for men who aren't virgins. Bisexuality has nothing to do with it; girlfriend wasn't exactly looking to have the "full set" of genders like they're pokemon cards or something. She fell in love with two people at different times because . . . she did. If she met another person who she fell in love with, we'd welcome them into the fold. Also, it's not that uncommon. In poly communities it's referred to as a V--she's the pointy bit, we're the ends. Other common varieties are the N (person A loves person B who loves person C who loves person D) and, of course, the triad, which is what I think you're thinking of. But it doesn't matter--ALL relationships are unique. Hey, if my lady were dishonest with me I'd be gone fast as I could go. And not everyone can do the poly thing--that's fine, too. Most people are monogamous, and it makes them happy. But poly relationships aren't hurting anyone, either.
  13. ALL marriage has an element of oppression in its history. Are you opposed to monogamous marriage even though its history includes things like marriage-by-abduction, or women having to give all of their property legally to their husbands? We need to learn from history, absolutely, but part of that includes moving forward and being willing to change. I'm in a poly relationship. My girlfriend has me and a boyfriend; we all live together. I do not date or sleep with the dude, but he and I are very close friends. And he and I both love our girlfriend, and she adores us. It's all consensual and honest--isn't that the most important element of a relationship of any sort? I'd love for poly marriage to be an option. To paraphrase something Stephen Fry once said: It's perfectly legal for someone to deceive their spouse and have a mistress, even a whole family, on the side. But it isn't legal for a man to say, "Listen, I love you both, you're both splendid, why don't I marry you both?" (Or a woman to two men, or whatever.) Isn't that a little strange?
  14. Depends on the person, but I usually try to focus on something--for a long time it was reciting the Fibonacci Sequence, or scanning poetry I have memorized, or reciting said poetry. If you're religious, I imagine prayers would do the same thing. It just gives you something to concentrate on. And of course, trying to find the root cause ("What am I feeling? What thoughts influenced this feeling? What prompted those thoughts?") is something the professionals recommend, but in the thick of an attack, is kind of useless, at least to me. But when you're spiraling down it can be a good way to prevent the next one.
  15. I gotcha--we're actually in perfect agreement, then, I think. I just jump at it 'cause moms returning to work are frequently vilified as not caring about their kids. But yeah, kids are a HUGE commitment and an enormous lifestyle change--which is, of course, why having babies isn't for everyone, and I think it's much more responsible to be aware of that and to not have them if you're not willing to make that change.
  16. It's not necessarily returning back to the life before kids. But it's not always about finances, either. Some moms just want to work, love their jobs, want some time without kids, etc. A healthy, happy parent means healthy, happy kids. Don't get me wrong--I do think once you have kids they should be top priority, but that means different things for different moms and dads. I say this being fully aware that I do NOT want kids, don't have the right attitude for parenting, and have a mental illness that, for me at least, means I probably SHOULDN'T have kids.
  17. Okay, the coffin is gorgeous, as I am a huge sucker for lovely macabre things, and--eee! Another BJD fan!
  18. This article's being discussed in my other board, and it was pointed out that it's from the Daily Fail and probably largely fiction, designed to offend as many people as possible. (The fact that she's both saying how she didn't want her kids AND how selfish it is for mothers to go back to work, etc., seems tailor-made for that purpose.) HOWEVER, the sentiment isn't exactly as uncommon as people think it is. Also, I wonder if the commenters would be so up in arms about it if it were a guy. Men are allowed to have little to no parenting instinct or interest--women aren't.
  19. We're getting our house together, organizing, and everything is starting to look beautiful.
  20. What's with the vampires in Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'"? Seriously. I'm all, "Well, I guess it could be a metaphor for bad boys coming after the girl? Maybe?" and CaduceusCade's all "But then he mentions bad boys! Maybe it's for anyone awake at night and asleep during the day?" But that's so random. Thoughts?
  21. Just want to say Happy Easter/Ostara/Sixth Day of Passover/Generic Sunday/anything I missed to people of all faiths floating around here. I love how respectful people are in this thread and how open people are to questions.
  22. I had those books freaking memorized when I was a teen. Fantastic and yes, so sad. There's a fourth one out, too, that I got partway through, but . . . that was sad 'cause I didn't like it as much.
  23. Ten points to Gryffindor. Father Ted is awesome.