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  1. Swimming is so much fun, I love to swim. I like to dive, but I hate the water pressure as it gets deeper. I don't have much advice besides practice though.
  2. I want a CB shimmer and 5 neglects
  3. Granted, but he gets blown up by a land mine when he returns. I wish I could understand why my cats always try to eat my feet.
  4. Another two-headed dragons? Cool now the two headeds can breed with more than their own breed.
  5. I love these dragon avatars! I do prefer gold wryerns just a personal preference.
  6. CB silver...I found it in the forest and its one of my favorite dragons.
  7. My first rare was a cheese I found in the desert. I thought it was a joke egg but when I discovered it was a rare, I was overjoyed.
  8. It took me 3 breedings to get a glitter ball. I am proud of it even though it has a messy lineage. 1 refusal 1 fail and 1 success
  9. This is great idea for those of us with worse Internet, so that we can get a chance! I support this thread.
  10. Name: Flamemaw Gender: Female Breed: Red Personality: Very hotheaded, but caring at the heart. Is a bit cruel, especially in battle. Likes: Food, gold and sunny days Dislikes: Water and soft surfaces Other? Not much else to say
  11. Phione reign of manaphy I dislike phione a lot
  12. Not getting the cb cave lurkers while they were in the cave.
  13. Steals 2013 baking prize hatchling Celebrate
  14. Dragonfire6


    I want an egg application Scroll link: My scroll( also in my sig if link is broken) Gen: any is fine with me Breed: I want ones that I don't already have on my scroll. Any rare is perfect but I will accept uncommons and commons.
  15. Can I be added to the list? Thanks.
  16. You see a stray dog and think it's on the abandoned page. You spend more time refreshing a biome than taking a refreshing walk. You get a scroll and start recording information about nearby animals. You try to get things to use a BSA.
  17. A light green dragon with a silver underbelly that probaly hates killing things but does it anyways. I would also have two legs and two arms that I can grip onto things with. I have long slightly bent horns and a long mane that's never clean and two huge wings.
  18. This little dragon wasn't bad at all. A little messy but a lot of rares tied in.