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  1. This one made me do a double take My GON has this code hoeG4
  2. I wasn't thinking of this for those wanting to show off lineages, but more for those who breed to gift eggs to others. As for the coding I didn't know TJ was the only coder.
  3. I think that it would be really helpful to have a Breeding and Mating chart/spreadsheet option on Forum User profiles. That way more users on DC would use the Forums and less users would need to link to other sites for this purpose. Making it less likely for corrupt links or virus holding links(not saying there are, just that it could happen). It's also make it so we got more use out of our profiles, and accounts on here. I know this may be a big thing to ask of the site but with the possibility of bringing in more members we may also get more Mods, Admins, or Coders. If this has already been suggested I'm sorry and will delete this asap.
  4. Wait, What!?! I thought it was in just a few minutes! Well I can't wait till 6am I'm tired lol. Night everyone.
  5. I hope it's Forest or Jungle. I kinda feel like they need more dragons, needs it the Desert most of all though.
  6. Ran out of influences...My orange eggs, salty eggs, and tomorrows eggs will be a shot in the dark. T-T I really hope they all gender right.
  7. This one is kinda cute, I wonder if TJ is finely egglocked though because he only has the two for this one.
  8. This is how I can tell My fiance loves me, Lol. He's giving me his Orange and Green eggs. The brown ones I'm getting by trading Hell-horses for. -Does a little dance.- People really really love me!
  9. Yeah thankfully my fiancé who is a casual DC collecter is going to be giving me one of each if he can catch them all.
  10. I know everyone is thinking metal, but am I the only one that is thinking nebula like dragons?
  11. Not to sound selfish, but I wonder if we'll get a July release. I know June is out of the question, but it'd be nice to have a new egg for my one year mile marker with my Fiance. Just Wondering...
  12. My two got sick today. Thankfully I brought my laptop out with me, because if I hadn't they would have died. Mine are hatching in 2-4 hours though so soon they'll be ok.
  13. I have two of the first two eggs now, Can't wait till they hatch. Influenced them all so I could quickly make room for tomorrows eggs.
  14. I would Like to join! Do you want to opt in for receiving personal breeding requests though pms? Sure If YES please put your scroll name, and forum name here: ScrollForum Do you have any dragon ready for this project? Yes 1:YwAZQ 2: fHdJG If not would you like to be gifted? Yes What type of Lineage would you like to work on? Spiral & Stair Step How many generation can you make by yourself? 3rd gen right now If you do already have a dragon with the Royal Golden lineage? What is the link? qiMPA Are you a requester/gifter/ or normal member?: Normal or Trader? Any extra notes? like you don't hold on to gifted eggs etc etc? None right now.
  15. Yeah I saw that. I wish I could just catch one at least but it seems even at 4am I can't, slow internet and all. Thankfully I was able to trade for one but I'd like a breeding pair. Scratch that! Apparently I tried to pick up one twice because I just looked at my scroll and there it was. Woot!
  16. So at 12am was really the last drop?
  17. KimberKitsune ---> Ashywolf: Spitfire accepted
  18. Four hours now, and still not even one on my scroll...
  19. I some what wish it was easier to grab, I'm refreshing every five minutes and have been for two plus hours now... -cry- I hope I can get one soon.
  20. Thank you, Those are all good reasons to dislike or even hate a movie. ^.^ I haven't seen Tempo or The Last Airbender. I wan't much in to Avatar (animated series) so I never watched the movie. Tempo on the other hand I've never hurd of, so I might need to watch that one just to see how bad it is. Lol I enjoy torturing myself when my fiance is at work with at least one bad movie in the week.