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  1. I don't usually get injuries but I fell off a large horse once after it got spooked. I ended up getting a concussion and went into shock for a few minutes. Of course, being the idiot I was, I got up after five minutes and got back on the horse despite the fact my knees were still shaking and I had a concussion. I didn't fall off again but I did kick myself afterwords for being an idiot.
  2. ET. My god, ET was a terrible game. Games modeled after movies should be good but, for some reason, it was terrible.
  3. Question


    I feel like Slender is like Amnesia. Everyone gets so worked up but I see the monsters and just laugh at them.
  4. Got slaughtered by a Giant Angry Zombie after deliberately putting zombie brains in a crucible. Fun times.
  5. Ya know, I used to be a part of GPXPlus but I around the time I stopped buying pokemon games (Ended with SoulSilver). I just couldn't stay attached to it for some reason.
  6. I get very strange dreams in which various characters from movies or books all converge together in a senior citizen's home and start having a magic war. Only all the people except the elderly are animals for some reason. They're fun dreams but I wake up super confused.
  7. Im either a B+ or an O+, I can't remember which one. I'd rather be a B though since being O is pretty bad. Donating is nice and all but I like the idea of having more possibilities instead of less if I do lose blood.
  8. Many people, meeting Aziraphale for the first time, formed three impressions: that he was English, that he was intelligent, and that he was gayer than a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide. -Good Omens
  9. I eat cheese and pickles. American cheese is preferred and you just take pickles and wrap them in cheese. It's surprisingly delicious and changing up the pickle type can change the entire flavor. I love eating cheese and pickles.
  10. Question


    I'm scared of plenty of things but, for some reason, Slendy has never scared me. I mostly just laugh whenever I play and he appears or other people play. I like playing with friends just so I can see their reactions but still, its amusing.
  11. I'm loving this new snapshot. The whole horse thing just gets to me since they're so freaking adorable. So does anyone use Feed the Beast here?
  12. I don't like one color but rather certain color combinations. For example, dark green and black is one favorite combination, as does red and gold. Both have very regal feelings to them. I also enjoy an off-white color with dark brown.
  13. Since I have a similar phobia, I think I can explain my own personal version. First of all, I don't fear water. In fact, I love it. Baths are especially nice. But swimming in an ocean or pools brings about an uneasy feeling that I'll suddenly be dragged under by some sort of carnivorous animal. I'm fine in extremely shallow waters or water that is contained in a small area but large bodies of water frighten me. Even pools. It is very active when I can't see through the water and less active when the water is clear. So it's not a fear of water. And, oddly enough, it is also not a fea
  14. Don't be silly, you aren't selfish. The problem is people can't see that you are asexual as well as they can see people who are, say, homosexual. Asexuals have also remained hidden in comparison to the others so a lot of people don't realize that asexuality is a thing. Asexuals still have to deal with what LGBTs deal with, its just that we aren't usually as open about it in comparison to them and people don't know about Asexuals as much so there aren't as many stories about prejudice.
  15. I know exactly what you are talking about, Ruins. There's some strange thing going on where people assume that younger people who are homosexual, bisexual or asexual are just confused and will "grow out of it". I've encountered this quite a bit and was met with extreme resistance when I told my mother I was asexual a few weeks ago. Even after I explained what asexual meant, she still insisted that my views on it would change. It's been a big headache ever since I met it because now she feels the need to bring it into question whenever I show her one of my friends who happens to be male.
  16. I meant most as in most nonreligious people because some nonreligious people believe different things about what comes after life. Some who associate with nonreligion do, in fact, believe in an afterlife. ~~~ ~~~ I think that, when it boils down, this is like Women's Suffrage and Voting Rights for African Americans. There is a thing about equality where it doesn't matter what gender or skin color you have, nor does it matter what sexual preference you have. The government either has to go all or nothing on this. They can either give voting rights to everyone or take it away from everyone
  17. I think was Delira is saying is that non-religious people don't believe in things like Heaven and Hell. Most of us can't use it as a comfort cushion because we don't believe in it. For example, I see death and I think its the end of life. Nothing else after that, you're just dead. But someone who believes in Heaven would be better with coping with death because of their belief. The idea of "being in a better place" doesn't apply to me because, in my eyes, that person or thing is just a corpse. I wouldn't say non religious people are better at coping with it, more like we take reality and
  18. Purr, purr, purr Excuse me while I go draw cats for a while. May post some of the doodles up, I don't know.
  19. Thanks! Just like everything else here, I was just doodling randomly. Both of those are good. I'll probably start with the lynx just because I'm in the mood to make something really adorable and I love cats.
  20. The sonic screwdriver clattered to the ground as the Raggedy Doctor shot backwards. He closed his eyes as he prepared to meet a hard, unforgiving wall but he never hit it. He dropped down to the floor instead and laid there, his legs sprawled out on either side of him. He seemed to consider getting up but quickly abandoned the idea, opting to stay lain out on the ground instead.
  21. I am your husband. Naw, just kidding. But I do think hovering Daleks is a little cheaty. Although, it brings up a good point of how they conquer planets if they couldn't get up stairs. All it would take is everyone to go to the second floor and the Dalek's can't do anything about it.
  22. "Sorry, the only princesses where I come from are Disney so I don't know how to treat royalty. I just don't want to see anyone hurt." He turned around as the Raggedy Doctor slowly lowered his hooves. The grey pony glanced between the three of them then slowly climbed to his feet. Immediately, he hissed and scuttled backward, pressing himself up against the wall as if he could go through it. He whipped his sonic screwdriver out of the secret pocket hidden in his tie and held it in his mouth so he could press the button very easily with his teeth. Snarling, he arched his back slightly like a cat
  23. Back! I'll be most active on weekends now that school is back in business but whatever. I made a dragon to celebrate me being back. Dunno what it is but whatever.
  24. I think it has to do with the fact the alien sounded like a dog and Clara referred to her as an "it". I recall that the TARDIS only translates what the person thinks of as sentient creatures, which is why it does not translate chicken or baby (despite the fact the Doctor can speak both). It was also mentioned that not all languages are stored within the TARDIS and many times it failed to translate languages from Earth so... yeah.
  25. "What?" Jack asked, frowning slightly. Do you want a possibly mad pony out there, one who kidnapped your baby bro a bunch of times? It would be better to keep him somewhere we can keep an eye on him." The Raggedy Doctor kept his hooves up despite the fact Fluttershy had gotten off him and was crying in a corner. A small hiss escaped from his throat as he squeezed his eyes shut. His face hurt. Why was the yellow one crying, she hasn't even been struck?