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  1. Darn Didn't even know there was a new relese till i got onto allure of neggs what biomes
  2. Gift Report Blackbolt101 -> Toxicneon: Bronze Shimmer-Scale
  3. hey guys i have pleanty of bronze shimmers just pm me and then ask politely and i will breed u one
  4. ZebraBolt101 (Nice) Must Fuse With Thunder
  5. I want to be added to a List! Forum User:Blackbolt101 Scroll Link:My Scroll Requested list:Ice,Copper CB Brown And Red Only PM link:u do not need my pm link as i am thread mod Proof you read the rules. (hint= I am waiting to get on a list) :I Do Not Understand
  6. Ok as soon as my eggs have hatched i will bite as many eggs as i can take and then i will give them to you as i have 11 vamps i can bite when requested and (if all are successful) that will be 8 eggs posted up so i will be a reglar biter and the reason i have not used bite BSA latley is because 1 of my vamps bit a GoN i summoned
  7. Guys Remember i am a thread mod so i am checking peoples scroll's if they are open also if i see any suspicious behavior i will be reporting to white. Bolt~
  8. this sure could use a bump
  9. I Caught 2 on the relese day but some JERK added them to a click site while i wasn't online for a day and they got sick and died
  10. Please don't do this if someone hacks into someone elses scroll that surly they would know his/her's password and just delete it so no i am against this
  11. aww poor you the same thing has happened to me when i logged on once i found 2 dead shimmer-scale eggs and 2 2nd day relese eggs DEAD on my scroll along with 2 sick black cap eggs and a sick genderd black hatchling so i have gone ahead and hidden all of my eggs
  12. Welcome to hybrid trading this trading thread is exactally what it says you gift hybrids and so these hybrids include Shallow Waters~ Soul Peaces~ Two Finned Bluna~ Gold Shimmer-Scale~ Silver Shimmer-Scale~ Bronze Shimmer-Scale~ Gold Tinsel~ Silver Tinsel~ Bronze Tinsel~ Pumpkin~ Arsani~ Alt Black~ Alt Vine~ Black Marrow~ Cave Lurker~ Cheese~ Paper~ Geode~ Gold~ Silver~ Heart Seeker~ Holly~ Neglected~ Ribbon Dancer~ Rosebud~ Shadow Walker~ Snow Angel~ Ultra Violet~ Valentine~ Vampire~ Winter Magi~ Wrapping Wing~ Yule Buck~ Chicken~ Red Dino~ Yellow Dino~ Green Dino~ Blue Dino~ Purple Dino~ Thunder~ Magma~ Ice~ Golden Wyvern~ These are all of the rare,unbreedables and hybrids Forms: If You Recived A Dragon Fill This Out I Recived A dragon Scroll Link: Lineage Link: If You Have A Dragon To Gift/Trade Just Fill one of these out or Just post it up Here is a gift Type Of Dragon: Lineage: Teleport: I Want To Trade Type Of Dragon: Want~ High Priority: Medium Priority: Low Priority Lineage Link: Teleport Mods Blackbolt101 Blacklist If You Feel you could improve pm me
  13. I Have noticed on my scroll that it is a red version of a glitterball egg and also i am hoping to catch 2 of each of the new eggs so i can HOPE that one will gender male and 1 female
  14. Category: Title of Record:Most Replys Off One PM Name of Submitant(forumname):Blackbolt101 And White1143 Scroll Name (link): Blackbolt101's Scroll And White1143's Scroll Proof for Record: Here Reason for submitting new Record:We Thought Our PM Was Getting Long With A Whopping 56 Replys
  15. I want a shimmer! Forum Name:Blackbolt101 Scroll:http://dragcave.net/user/Blackbolt101 PM:http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=Msg&CODE=4&MID=199069 What color shimmer:Gold From which shimmer:6th gen Gold Shimmer (Arrowhead) X Bronze Shimmer (Arrowhead) (Owned: The Head of Arrows (gold) & The Butt of Arrows Extras I should know?:Can I See The Lineage I Am Feeling Bad About NOT Gifting so First one to pm me gets a spring hatchling
  16. Forum name:Blackbolt101 Scroll:Scroll Be Here PM:Yaaaarrrgghhh It Be Here Avatar or Sig:Check The Side I Found It On Google Images Ages Ago I Will Never Find It Again Dragon or artwork: I Want A Black Version Of The Banner You Are Currentally Making With A Male Black Dragon On One Side And A Silver Shimmer On The Other Side And Can It Say "Bolt's Scroll" Payment:Got Nothing Worth It So Check My Scroll And Say What You Want
  17. Ok People As Soon As This Bronze Shimmer grows up i will have 2 then i will start gifting them
  18. Donor Application: Forum Name:Blackbolt101 Scroll Link:In My Signiture Just Click The Thing Where My Hatchlings And Eggs Are Moving Across The Screen Pm Link:Here Special:Whattt?? What are you willing to breed: (Optional) Shimmer-Scale,Gold,Silver,Tinsels,And Anything on my scroll Not willing to breed: (Optional)Nothing Conditions: (Added This On)You Must Have The Dragon To And Continue Lineages Oh And NO Killing
  19. I Have RecentallY Got This Here It Is My First One
  20. White Please Edit This I Have A Few Points To Raise .Get Me Off The MoonStone List .I Am Only Accepting PB Or CB Blacks And I Only Accept Pretty Or CB Nebulas Put That Stuff Next To My List Request
  21. I Recived Those Eggs That Puppyloverdog sent me thanks
  22. I want to be added to a List! Forum User:Seriously You Know My User Scroll Link:No Need This Is Another Update Requested list:Moon Stone And Nebula PM link:No Need Update
  23. SOOOOOORYYYY Not The Black List As In Banned I Mean The Black Dragon