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265.pnglagmonsterline.pngfemalesignglbtqfinal.png"Yes. Big hug."--Aquaman (I kid you not guys) "And remember, a healthy helping of glitter always makes your poop sparkly."--Erick (wut?) "Dude! Big marshmallow!"--Dee (Love you!) "I don't hablo orange juice."--My Grandfather (LLLAAAWWWLLL) "EXUSIE MOI MOISIOUR BUT I ORDERED ZE FRIEZ OF FRENCH D=<"--Novastar (LAWL)"THAT WAS MY FAVORITE SOCK!"--My Mom (Imitating Usopp of course)

You...You win the topic. Tails Doll's got nothing on this freaky dog...thing...*shudders uncontrollably, then gives you an award*


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