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  1. prizes are being handled as soon as possible. I will be checking in the morning again.
  2. Alright here is the list of those who participated and their final counts in order from greatest to least: (If you do not choose before holiday breeding is over many donators are saying they are still willing to breed stuff just ask) @PrincessLucy 578 --prize chosen @a_god_s 327 --- prize chosen @Mnkn10 234 ---(no response yet) @Wahya 168 --- prize chosen @Zhiyi1015 63 --- prize chosen @PapaverK 49 --- has responded but unsure what they want since first choice is taken @Iamartistic2 45 (ty ruby eyes!!!!) --- (no response yet) @Mochi 42 -- chosen
  3. Alright, things got hectic this year for the admins, Holly Contest is no exception! (The admins have been crazy busy with life.) Tuesday, December 8th, 2020 is the close out date for collecting contest dragons!
  4. The following users have been added to the list: Deinosaur Mochi PrincessLucy MnKn10 Zhiyi1015 PapaverK Wahya lumartistic Kovia (this is all who have asked to sign up so far)
  5. So here's the result for the breed for this year. Blacktips! Sign ups are now open, too!
  6. Just over 6 hours left to vote for the breed of the year for the Holly Contest! Once the vote is over, signups will begin.
  7. Thank you Ruby Eyes. Next year's breed will be suggested a lot more universally. I suppose you could say Unoffical was the test to see if it worked well. :3
  8. Voting Voting will take place between 10 AM DC Time on the 8th January and end a week later at 10 AM DC Time on the 15th January. Responses will feed onto a spread sheet that I will make public once voting ends. Have a good day all. Link To The Form ^^
  9. We have selected breeds based upon suggestions from the Unoffical Discord, and from our own experiences in AP and biome hunting. We've also taken into consideration walls. A poll will be up in a moment.
  10. HALL OF FAME The top collectors of the 2012 Holly Contest, for collecting the most BBWs! Rare_Hunter21: 746 aiyouxian: 686 Kukuru: 601 coltzen: 598 celis: 588 (Declined prize) TheLittlePurpleDragon: 577 sunsteps88: 572 (Declined prize) Limn: 533 simkim: 533 (Declined prize) sciencegeek: 518 (Declined prize) Warrior57: 288 As well as top runners-up Lavaedra, Ioma, sanderj, and Kanaye, who received Hollies because of the winners who declined! In total, the top collectors, runners-up, and general competitors collected approxima
  11. DONATORS AND PRIZES: Winners may choose from: The 2020 Holly Offspring from Nuhceht Decking Halls Amahira and his mate Nuhcuto Shimmering Luck Amahira, from Firefury Amahira! The 2020 Holly Offspring from Hollyberry Wynter and mate of choice, from Kovia! The 2020 Holly Offspring from Garnetleaf Wynter and mate of choice, from Kovia! The 2020 Holly Offspring from Garnet Garden Wynter and his mate Hollyvinelet, from Kovia! All donators are very appreciated. First place gets first pick of the Hollies, then second place, and so on. ~Alternate
  12. Key: Name: Current reported total [Link to list]Method of listing[/link to list] Red text indicates missing information. COMPETITORS:
  13. 12 competitors - 21st December - Donors with unpicked dragons will be messaged to let them know. 17th December - Deadline for replies - you can still reply until the 21st, but people below you may be prioritised. 14th December - Everyone gets messaged to pick their dragons. Dragons will be assigned based on place in the contest, not who messages first. 10th December - Contest ends, total checking begins. 1st December - Donors get messaged, activity check 12 - 24 competitors - 21st December - Donors with unpicked dragons will be messaged to le
  14. THE HOLLY CONTEST.  This was an experiment, thought up by ArynChris, that we've done the past six years, and we rewarded the experimenters with Hollies. So, we're going to do it again this year. To sum up, Those who collect the most Blacktips, adult or frozen, in 2020 will receive a Holly egg come Christmas. Why only Blacktips, and not other commons too? It's an experiment to see if we can make them harder to find in the cave and AP. It's worked well in the past, so can we make Blacktips rarer? This year we decided to put up a poll and let everyone else ch
  15. Thank you all for participating in the 2019 Holly Contest this year. At this moment in time, I am setting up the threat for the 2020 Holly Contest thread, and gathering 4 common breeds for you all to pick from for this year's breed of choice! Mods, please may you close this thread? Thank you ^^
  16. @Ruby Eyes The PM has been sent now. I'm so sorry for missing you when pairing up. I didn't double check I had them all done. Which is my fault entirely.
  17. Replies for prizes have ended and donors and their respective winners have been paired up. Merry Christmas to all, and we hope to see you next Year!
  18. We are just waiting the last few replies from our winners for their choices of the donations still available, which will end about 38h from this post. Have a good day, and thank you all for participating and donating.
  19. I'm afraid only Waterhorses that have grown before the 5th of December count, Zerhai.
  20. Qualifying Participants To have qualified for a Holly Prize, you must have collected a minimum of 15 Waterhorses. 1st - PrincessLucy - 775 2nd - Slyvanaria - 531 3rd - Skydancer - 300 4th - Skadi - 230 5th - RAAMIsABeast - 185 6th - wingedcat - 152 7th - Firstborn Dragon - 139 8th - Wayha - 124 9th - Zerhai - 106 10th - KenKazaki and kakkarot2004 - 97 11th - Princess Keira - 33 12th - Ruby Eyes - 29 13th - Mochi - 25 13th - Kurokosworth - 22 14th - spring_dragon - 17 Other Wonderful Participants
  21. @Wahya Please may you update your original post with a link to your Holly Contest group before the 5th of December? Thank you, and have a good day.
  22. I will be updating everything sometime this week. If you want to donate or have any questions feel free to contact me on my main account. Thanks, osean