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  1. @esnym What server do you play on? I'd be down to play a couple games if you're on NA.
  2. Excellent, I get to necro my own thread of 4+ years. I had a really good thing of instant ramen.
  3. Have: 4g Radiant Angel (RA x Autumn Seasonal Checker) or 4g Radiant Angel (RA x Sunsong Checker) or 2g Mutamore (Mutamore x Omen Wyrm) Want: Any Soulstone. also willing to bundle, and offer anything off my scroll if interested. Offer Here: On the Autumn Offer Here: On the Sunsong Offer Here: On the Mutamore
  4. Man I played League back in the day, and I hit Plat 5 in Solo Queue back in like Season 5. Nowadays, I'm a washed up Low Silver Jhin/Kayn/Yasuo main that only plays with friends. It's weird seeing how much the game has changed.
  5. Holy Hell that looks great. Look at how much you've improved in 2 years! Living proof that practice really does make perfect, and that I ask you for requests too often here's to another year of improvement
  6. Only one of the biggest furries/the cutest the champions of League of Legends: Also, we've come full circle. Lico confirmed 6* (in an 8* meta). You should do a then vs. now comparison!
  7. Welcome back! anyway: Top Mid reminds of Xander from Conquest, Blond Hair and the crown thing. It looks great. Top Right reminds of Kindred. Maybe it's the mask on the side of the face, idk, but I think Kindred when I look at it.
  8. holy cheese it's been over a month without an update
  9. Vrael


    DNA Splicers un-evovle Mega Pokemon.
  10. woah, did you guys see the events there doing this year? A bunch of event pokemon, one every month!
  11. 1/6 were my requests methinks I bug you for requests too often.
  12. It's a kill, because he was put into the stasis by Bayonetta's witch time, as well as her using an item on her. Witch time seems like a fun move - what if you witch time a projectile? Will the enemy still be slowed? Or will it proc Bat Within? Can't wait for her release in February.
  13. When using Climhazzard, (his Up-Special), only press the B-Button once. Pressing Up, and then B, B, leads him to do the downward slash. Finishing Touch is ridiculously OP. I took him to my weekly tourney, and I chewed just about everyone up with Cloud. Finishing Touch kills most characters at around 50-60%, with the heavier characters at around 70-80%. Plus the windbox on it is so much fun. The dude has more spikes in his moveset then in his hair. His F-Air has one, his D-Air has one, Up-Special has one. Jeez Sakurai. And I'm also plenty hyped for Bayonetta and Corrin. Corrin looks great, and I'm definitely pocketing Roy for Bayonetta.
  14. Pretty Sure for Uxie and Azelf it's time based, I think at 8:xx to 9:xx P.M. you can get Uxie, and I think it's 12:01-12:59 P.M. for Azelf. Not sure though.
  15. Donating this Xeno, as I have enough of the parent's offspring anyway. Trying to build this up a bit, looking for bloodswaps.
  17. Holy jesus that painting, it looks amazing. have you considered doing commissions? if I wasn't busy saving up for a Wii U & Smash DLC i'd buy anyway if not too busy pls put top tier waifu on backlog pls thank
  18. How much are CB Silvers worth? Like, 4 CB Xenos worth?
  19. I am actually a cat. how was that not taken lmao
  20. I'm more excited that we have a casual/semi-competitive friendly swordsman. His Entire D-air has a meteor, in the trailer! I literally can't wait to buy him, new main inbound.
  21. Take steps to realize why the don't want you to have a pet. You said it's because of the emotional attachment, and the smells? Both are (semi) easily fixed. A cool fish would be really ideal, they can live for years depending on the species, and i'm pretty sure they don't smell. A good thing would be to sit down with your parents, and go over why you want a pet in the first place, and why they are so against it.
  22. granted, but you become a drawing of a dragon. I wish the Smash DLC would come out already.
  23. OH MY GOD Spoilers: " CLOUD IS CONFIRMED FOR SMASH OMFG " (highlight the quotes)