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  1. Merry Christmas and luck to whoever wins the raffle!
  2. My best boss battle was Galacta Knight from Kirby Super Star Ultra. The music was amazing. Plus, for me, the boss didn't follow a straight monotonous pattern of abilities. If you were close, he would slash at you. If you were far enough away, he would use a blade beam. If you were super far away, he'd summon a tornado at you. Of course, at half life, the fight became even more hectic. However, there is a problem of sitting out the battle by using rock form and waiting his attacks out until he moved away... at that point it become boring. 2nd following up would be Kyurem from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Gates to Infinity. It was a much better chance from the classic Mystery Dungeon boss fights, as you feel like your facing a gigantic, powerful boss instead of just a Pokemon with a larger sprite.
  3. Whenever I see one, I get a weird adrenaline rush before I click it. The rush ends either way if I get or not, which leaves me relaxed because I got one or disappointed.
  4. Red seems to be my favorite color,but for some reason,I don't know why...
  5. Got the final egg for the trio:the Magma Dragon! I hope I can hatch it...
  6. Found this Black Dragon Alt on the AP. Warning:Huge lineage up ahead! http://dragcave.net/lineage/CJPei The only amazing part is on the top right corner of the lineage...
  7. Ugh,the lag is so bad on my internet, due to people joining, that I can only take like 5 per drop
  8. The fact that the internet is one of the easiest places to deceive someone would mean that online dating would be very risky business, as anyone could lie about age,gender,occupation,etc. Also,whatever you post sticks to you. An employer can search your full name and find any profile connected to your name and any picture as well. As long as you know your risks and stay safe that's fine, but I find that the romantic relationship of today is very dirty and the fact that some people use their emotional hold on another person to hurt them is just disgusting. I could go into loads of biased paragraphs explaining why online dating isn't good, but I'd rather not waste more of your time.
  9. Why does everyone want multiple eggs instead of just one?I only take one to prevent locking. I expect the last one to be the best one,'cause as they sometimes say on those awards ceremonies,"we've saved the best for last".
  10. I think the species is based on shellfish or something,cause the egg is a shiny white and smells like salt. And we already have an egg that's based off of a pearl too....
  11. Happy birthday Pt.2 Dragon Cave! Interesting...It has two heads. I wonder if anyone has tried to guess the name of the adult form yet...
  12. Heh...It looks like I'm missing all the drops. But I'm really questioning how those eggs could disappear in seconds...
  13. Its like some people have timers or something that track when the new eggs will arrive. Occasionally,I'll see a burst of people go to the Coast. However,this is also the prime opportunity to get rares.I grabbed one of the trio off of the alpine because everyone was focused on the Coast
  14. http://dragcave.net/lineage/CJPei Look at the top right corner of the lineage tree.Its long, so you'll need to scroll over a bit.
  15. I play LoL mostly as top lane Renekton or Cho'Gath. One time I played Anivia and was amazed by the burst damage, and support LuLu which also seemed good for amazing poke. I choose Renekton due to a very good build that gives me good burst whilst giving me a good bulk, and Cho'Gath is bulky all around and the Rupture poke is so fun to do. I'm deciding whether to: Get Jayce(Haven't tried) Get Nidlee(Haven't tried) or Get Urgot(Played once).
  16. Found CB Gold Wyvern the day this post was posted.2nd CB Rare I have right now .
  17. Haven't been in any holiday events(This'll be my first one),so sorry for my lack of experience. Should have asked it as a question. On another note:I'm quite happy with the Past Vday eggs being dropped at the AP.Thanks to all those allowing the people who missed their chance getting a Vday egg have another try!
  18. Sorry to be a little of a joy killer here but... Let's just hope the Abandoned page isn't full all day when the new Valentine's 2013 Dragon comes. Cause it's been that way lately,with all the Vday dragon breeding.
  19. "Whats you dragon cave forum name?" .... "I thought so..."
  20. 4TPT4-Adult Green dragon(from abandoned page) 4TPT4 reversed is 4TPT4 P3BRr-Adult Magi(from abandoned page) Just reminds me of peanutbutter.... FteWn-Adult Red Dragon Feet Win? dOT9f-Ultraviolet Egg Dot function 9?
  21. One weird dream and one re-occurring thing in some of my dreams. This one was pretty graphic,which was odd since I always watched Disney when I was younger. Sometimes,I dream of school.One night,I dreamed I was at a school(and from the looks of it,it was a middle school)and I had grown up to be at the other children's ages.One kid entered a bush area and we heard gun shots.Everyone started running as a man jumped out. In a later scene(we're still running)a kid drops to his knees and starts praying,then gets beheaded by the man.We eventually reach a hill overlooking a carnival.There are only four of us,including me. Later,The dream turns to a scene where the police come,inspect the man's house,and arrest him.Turns out,he was a head-hunter. Some dreams have some re-occurring thing where there will be some birds and I'll just grab one and hold it,and I'll be able to feel the texture of the bird.However,this thing makes more sense as I wan't to touch a bird with my bare hands.I find it odd,though,that I can feel the texture.
  22. One time,I cried in a dream and was crying in the real world. It was over something absurd that happened in the dream. It happened when I was little,about maybe age 4 or 5.
  23. When the "you see a massive pile of eggs,and decide traveling is unnecessary" message pops up and won't go away because none wants an abandoned dragon . Kissing on a TV show/books all about romance is one thing that I hate the most.