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Glitzy's breeding list is CLOSED. Please see profile for my breeding policy. Thank you :)  BMIPggr.gifMy Scroll gltzy.gif

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    Cats, horses, gardening, wasting massive amounts of time online and of course, dragons :)

    Glitzy is THE poorest excuse for a Prize dragon. EVER. If you are waiting for a Shiny from her, I apologize. She rarely produces... ANYTHING. Sigh.....

    Breeding Policy for Aurora Glitz, "Glitzy"

    NEW 4/11/2015 --Please note that I "track" all Forum PMs I send out and I can see when you have read your mail. If you have gotten, and read, a PM from me regarding your upcoming breeding PLEASE have the courtesy to respond promptly as I want to keep Glitzy's breeding on track so that I can get you your Tinsel in as timely a fashion as possible. At this time, Glitzy is ready to breed and even though the intended recipient read their breeding notice over 12 hours ago, I STILL haven't heard back from them regarding what mate to breed to and if they are even open to take an egg should I get one. IT IS TOTALLY MY PREROGATIVE TO REMOVE YOU FROM THE LIST PERMANENTLY IF THIS HAPPENS. I will not be held "hostage" to people who contact ME for an egg and then don't have the decency to take two seconds to respond after reading the PM.

    I'll have a list of no more than 3 names at any time (subject to change at any time). Breeding list availability will be noted in my signature. I have all dragon breeds (except Water Walkers, Water Horses, Spotted Greenwings and CB Hollies) and all are available as mates.

    I'll send a message to you about 24 hours before I attempt the first breeding to see if you will be able to take your egg should it be produced. I'll hold your egg up to 24 hours, but if you need more time than that, please let me know how long BEFORE breeding as I may choose to move on to the next person in line and come back to you later.

    Two attempts will be made for your Shiny during your "turn". I'll let you know the results right after breeding. If an egg is produced, you'll get the transfer link immediately. In the awful event of a refusal, I'll let you know if I have another mate of that breed available or if you'll need to pick another breed, as some I have only one. If no Shiny egg is produced in those two attempts, I will move on to the next person in line and come back to you. This will keep things going forward. I'll make every attempt to do those two breedings back-to-back but reserve all rights for real life to intervene. I also reserve the right to breed for myself or gifts/dropping, or just not breed at all for a time, at any time.

    Any eggs not claimed after 24 hours (or PRE-arranged longer time, if done) are mine to do with as I please (keep, gift, AP drop) and I may choose NOT to re-breed for you if this happens.

    I will NOT hatch your egg, please don't ask.

    I don't mind if you want to gift your egg, but please don't use it as trade-fodder or do "bad" actions (Vamp biting, ND experiment, killing).

    If you would like any Tinselkin produced from your Tinsel attempt, please let me know, I'll be happy to give it/them to you. If not, they'll be gifted or AP dropped.

    So far, everyone has been very kind in their requests for eggs, which I truly appreciate. Please note, any sort of demand or rudeness will not be responded to and said person will never get ANY egg from me.

    Thank you for your interest in Glitzy :)

    The above terms are subject to change with no notice.