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  1. It changed somewhere between January 12th and 14th as I'll get to soon: I'm lazy and teleport with the first available dragon listed - normally this one: I needed to teleport again and she was on CD so I used the next dragon on the list: Clarith was off CD on the 12th so I used her again: I teleported again on the 14th. Since Clarith had ~12 hours left on CD it should have been Harth like before. Instead a different dragon was listed first and used:
  2. Since the only lister got removed for inactivity here's a free Thalassa: Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Please post in this thread if you take it
  3. New ACC dragons You win but at what Kos1T tiCEEcream sandwich 7upos Fanta and Schweppes soda themed code hUShO 'lil baby don't say a word mama's gonna buy you a mocking bird https://dragcave.net/view/FiXF3 something to do with fixing? https://dragcave.net/view/uRGE2 urge to _____?
  4. I thought as much My planned changes are: Face me evil buzzard? have to put something there Reapers of my wisdom
  5. To be able to breed Bautas with normal i.e. one-headed dragons. When mine first grew up I was going to breed them with Soulstones but then I realised that they were two-headed and that wouldn't work
  6. I've been planing to do Rhapsody of Fire's Holy Thunderforce as a lineage but I'm not sure about parts of the first verse: Face me evil *******, smell the hate of angels Glory, pride and bloodshed Cowards and beholders, rapers of my wisdom Mix of dust and bones Go back to your abyss, Algalord will not fall But your heads will soon roll Test the blade of heroes, fury of the thunder Hit my golden shield
  7. New ACC dragon(s) Aerith DyYeS I've never played FFVII and I know this WoRRST code possible Wabbajack Wabapack Wbapak WbaPk Sheogorath would be proud Happy hDLays
  8. Because you got the genders of the dragons wrong. You need female Yulebucks and male Arsanis How do I revive dragons in the graveyard?
  9. Inbred dragons are unable to breed due to well, inbreeding
  10. Pm a mod and ask them to approve your topic so it'll go out of moderation. Why do I get told of for spamming when I try to post my eggs?
  11. You buy it with a Gold dragon's weight in gold. How do I make my hatchlings grow up faster?
  12. I have two normal Undines and one normal Black if anyone needs them for their giftee. Both are 2nd gen PB alt fails
  13. pm him politely and ask for a dragon from one of these pairings that you can raise in his name. How do I get black Sweetlings?
  14. Refusals aren't grayed out but if you try to breed a pair that already refused each other they'll get fed up with you and leave your scroll TJ releases a new hybrid into the cave but doesn't tell anyone just to see how long till we notice
  15. The Red Nebula x Grave checker I've been working on either gives me blues or no interest. I didn't have this much problems working on the rest of the lineage but as soon as I try to finish it my dragons won't cooperate
  16. Don't forget that even if influence fails on an egg there's still a 50/50 chance you could get the gender you want anyway
  17. I'll have to remember this if I need to post a linked image. I tried to paste all of the code for my scroll banner in manually and the autoformat kept breaking stuff. Typing the whole thing out manually did work but I'd hate to do that for a link that was more complex
  18. @Earth Gurl I assume that was you who approved my pending descriptions (if it was then thank you). Either way I checked, nothing got cut off the second Desipis's description so I've resubmitted it