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  1. I hover my mouse over and egg to start ctrl clicking and refreshing away but as soon as I refresh once the eggs are gone edit: ugh can't the number of eggs in a biome scale depending on how many people are there. That hourly drop was gone in less than a minute
  2. Aw, come on. The alpine didn't even last after one refresh this time
  3. Why would it only work for holidays if we had drops that lasted 24 hours in the past? Speaking for myself (and from what I gather things won't be changing) I actually liked the regular releases. It made planning things much simpler. A heads up about (roughly) when the eggs will be dropping seems like a good compromise between surprise and enough info to plan your breedings in advance
  4. Have: 2G Nexus from m Nexus x f Duotone Want: 2G Ember from Ember x Snow Teleport: Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! I also need a 2G red Zyu from red Zyu x Radiant Angel. I can breed my CB Zyus and CB Xenos for anyone looking to build a lineage with those dragons in return
  5. Into the woods and down the dell. the path is straight, I know it well I like strawberry jam more than raspberry jam
  6. I was going to breed my remaining Valentines dragons. Now I hope we get some extra time added to the breeding window to compensate for the site being down
  7. But there's no Red dragons anymore to light it
  8. They probably tripped over the cable and knocked the plug out of the wall ugh, can't english today
  9. Now it's unavailable for maintenance 5 hours too early
  10. We get that your robot is amazing and all but it looks really stupid Oops, I forgot the comma and full stop
  11. Getting the new eggs was easier than expected. In the past I'd wind up with 20+ tabs open every hour as I try to grab them. Is it just me or do the new eggs look a lot like a recolour of Azure Glacewing eggs?
  12. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76051
  13. I just noticed this but if you look at this dragon's progeny no children are listed as being fathered by the red Gemshard and yet he appears on the list of mates. Likewise if I look at the Gemshard's progeny the Rosebud appears as the only mate but again no children are listed. If their children were dead wouldn't it just show tombstones?
  14. They're called Chocolate dragons and they'll start showing up in the Valentines biome. Their eggs description will read: This egg is a rich brown and smells like chocolate Also if you kill them they'll have custom death messages about you eating them Why do my eggs get views when I'm not looking at them?
  15. pizazz piazazzs, pizzas, suburbab, AAUMING, OBSTINANCE, FORAMENS Why did you make me type that? Why?
  16. You post as much advice on this thread as you can. Eventually the mods will notice your good work and make you one Why did my leetle tree change shape?
  17. I'm breeding Soulstones with Blue-bandeds, Soulstones with Electrics and Radiant Angels with red Zyus. I'm not really into pink but Arias also look good with Soulstones so I'm considering doing those next year. Of course now that past Valentines dragons have been released I need ideas for pairings with Heartseekers, my favourite Valentines dragon
  18. "I, Chaos Rider, swear that my Aegis' sprites won't change from now on" My CB Aegis dragons for reference: CB Wallath will remain forever pacified CB Barth will remain forever enraged
  19. Forum name: Chaos Rider PM link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=198779 List of Valentines I Can Breed: 2x CB Arsani 1x CB Radiant Angel 2x CB Heartstealing 1x CB Mutamore will go to LilaDrache 1x CB Mutamore List of Valentine's I need: 2G Radiant Angel from CB female Red Zyu x CB Radiant Angel 2G Soulstone from CB male Blue Banded x CB Soulstone 2G Soulstone from CB male Electric x CB Soulstone