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  1. Ah, so it's a bit like fertility then except you can only use the bsa itself at a certain time of year
  2. Could be. Having the market show all possible Fire Gem variants and biome specific breeds at once could be another solution for dealing with them
  3. Lunar Heralds in the market change to match what's currently dropping so why can't Fire Gems?
  4. I think I'm missing something. What would be the point of only allowing you to try again with refused dragons at Valentines when refusals are turned off anyway? Besides, depending on how many refusals you need to reset that means less room for catching and breeding Valentines dragons
  5. We have a drop down menu that lets us temporarily change the order that we view the dragons on our scrolls (without affecting our normal sort order). What about something like that when we view other peoples scrolls? Nothing changes about how the other person's scroll is sorted, only we would see the temporary rearrangement. But as others have said the ability to not show growing things on your scroll would be handy if it were to happen I tried google it only gave me 5 results. Also despite searching for the hatchlings description all I got were adults
  6. I still need to unlock Hellhorse hatchies if anyone has them
  7. Have: CB red Gemshard (precogs female) Want: CB or female Teleport
  8. Now his face was no stonier than Turnbull's.
  9. I don't care for Kingcrownes but the egg description says things like 'shiny' and 'magical aura' so I think they're a rare dragon and grab them only to find out it's just another Kingcrowne. Speaking of which there's a free CB Kingcrowne in a few hours for anyone who wants one
  10. New ACC dragons! Pity this wasn't one of the new release dragons LHary Potter
  11. Kill as many eggs on your scroll as you want, then collect the broken egg shards How do I post a trade on the hub?
  12. I'm looking for: Carina, Hellhorse, Red-Tailed Wyrm, Dusk Pygmy and Yellow-Crowned hatchies. I also need to unlock Neglected eggs and adult two-headed leviathan zombies (the ones made from Baikalas)
  13. I agree that unbreedables are way to valuable at the moment. I get that they're easter eggs but once you have them you can't do anything with them. Golds on the other hand are more valuable since you can still breed the one you got in the market for lineages/trade. I also agree that you should be able to see eggs/trades for dragons you haven't unlocked, they're the ones you'd most likely want to obtain
  14. I like the new Red sprites but I liked the old ones too. As far as the older sprites went they weren't half bad
  15. The black box at the bottom of the screen that tells you if there are more replies to a topic disappears before I can interact with it sometimes
  16. In the 3 main subforums (dragon cave, general discussion, role play) underneath the heading that says which one it is I'm getting text like: (for general discussion) Instead of what I presume should be a description for that subforum such as in: https://forums.dragcave.net/forum/3-help/ Where underneath the heading help it reads:
  17. I didn't get an upside down mint last year but I got one this year
  18. So am I. I stayed up till I was too tired to collect eggs anymore and was surprised and pleased that they were still unmixed when I got up