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  1. What are CB White Zyumorphs worth?
  2. Just started Pokemon Crystal. Before that I was playing Pokemon Silver, catching the Legendary Beasts was a piece of work
  3. Thanks, they're not unlocked yet but now that the silhouettes are showing on the page I can see how many more i need to view
  4. Name: Dunluth Breed: Nexus Mate/s: Duotone Fail to produce: Nexus Progeny: https://dragcave.net/progeny/7Dpxx Name: Gloth Breed: Nexus Mate/s: Duotone Fail to produce: Duotone Progeny: https://dragcave.net/progeny/CbLWX Yes the pairing that I need a Nexus from only gives me Duotones while the pairing I need Duotones from only gives me Nexuses. And they're different generations so I can't just swap them over and keep the offspring
  5. I also clicked on the link and it said I hadn't received any in seven days
  6. I was meant to fog the eggs I'd been gifted in another thread and abandon the ones I'd picked up and didn't need while hunting. I was tired and abandoned the wrong ones. Too those that gifted me the eggs I'm so sorry this happened
  7. Anyone have scaleless Dark Luminas? I ran out before I could unlock the encyclopedia images
  8. It's not there for me either and I'm on the default skin. It's been like that for a few days but I thought things had changed from no notification = hollow bell to no notification = no bell now I'm not so sure
  9. New Member FORUM NAME: Chaos Rider SCROLL NAME: Spikey TIME ZONE: NZST  brb, going through my scroll edit, the color BBcode tags didn't want to work on the new forum
  10. I'm against the idea of a cooldown but if we must have one maybe once per Mutamore per year?
  11. I was thinking of Gaia Xenowyrms but they're rare
  12. Would a 2nd gen Astrapi Xenowyrm be worth anything? What if I hatched it first?
  13. That's ok. Good job going through 400 in one night
  14. uRGE2 Collect Dragons likes collecting dragons, although the other dragons are less than thrilled at being added to her collection. Many have escaped into the wilderness while she runs after them yelling "Oi!" "Come back, I haven't released you yet!" She is almost as good as a Pink dragon at raising eggs and hatchlings and has learned some spells for creating fog from the Storm Dragons to keep them from prying eyes. To the other dragons it seems as though she has very picky and continuously changing tastes when it comes to Nebula Dragons. Some years she hoards purple and blue Nebulas while leaving reds and greens to fend for themselves. Yet in other years she can't get enough of the red and green ones, and it is the blue and purple Nebulas that get tied to tree trunks. I made the suggested fixes but this: Moderator Reject: Some typoes - collecting dragons repeats in the first sentence, and also see user comments. Resubmit with fixes! But collecting dragons doesn't repeat in the first sentence "uRGE2 Collect Dragons" is her name (since her code is uRGE2), "collecting dragons" is what she does and "her collection" is what other dragons are less than thrilled about being added to. Ok so it does but on purpose not by accident The description was moderator approved earlier but the quotation marks got messed up (changed to &QUOTE;) Reject: "picky - and arbitrary" maybe? She seems to prefer the reds and greens if I'm reading right, "ones, and it", "hoards" verb, a horde is an army Nope, she prefers red and green nebulas currently, before that she liked blue and purple ones and in the future it might be red and purple. I changed it to be a bit clearer I hope.
  15. Done, and it inspired another description
  16. New ACC dragon(s) LHary Potter BOxFplot SOPa3 was stopped Not sure what I should do for these: https://dragcave.net/lineage/FiXF3 - something about fixing but what? https://dragcave.net/lineage/uRGE2 - urge to _____?
  17. Accept: Thanks for including my suggestion! - L And thank you Lagie for the suggestion
  18. I hid my important hatchies before I went to church earlier. Good thing I did too
  19. I forgot who it was but thank you to whoever suggested last release to pick up AP eggs so you don't pick up too many of one variety of new egg
  20. I kept searching the jungle for Purple Florets
  21. I'm trying to get all the grammer mistakes out of the way before i write the description And here it is: The markings on Cegeth’s wings are more orange than is usual for Howler Drakes. She is also obsessed with the colour orange and will eat any orange foods she can find. One day she dug up a long, pointy orange tuber that got stuck in her throat as she tried to swallow it. She reared up on her hind legs, outstretched her wings, bobbed her head up and down and made horrendous noises while trying to get it unstuck. Unbeknownst to her a Pygmy Dragon was wandering through the jungle. The Pygmy Dragon looked up and saw a dark dragon, with horns and orange wing markings making dreadful noises while shaking its head in an aggressive manner. It was an Avatar of Destruction! Thought the Pygmy as he ran off hoping it hadn’t seen him.
  22. Thank you to whichever mod approved the descriptions I had pending. Also would it be ok if I mention that a Howler Drake has markings on its wings that are a little more orange then usual? It needs to be the case for a description I have in mind to work but I don't want to write the whole thing out if it won't be workable
  23. @Fuzzbucket @HeatherMarie I understand now why you don't want people rearranging your scroll for viewing purposes but I still don't agree with it. I don't mind if someone wants to sort my scroll for viewing if it helped them unlock an encyclopedia entry faster for instance. What I would object to is if it actually changed the order the order of my scroll. When I first read this thread I thought people were objecting to a 'permanent' change in scroll order and posted and idea for how it could be temporary