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  1. Ok, this Omen Wyrm description is slightly cheeky so I thought I'd better post it here just in case: Also would a changeling themed description for a certain Valentines dragon that was released a year ago be okay?
  2. Sometimes you can go to the actions page and click it from there but if that doesn't work either I do what Aalbiel does
  3. There's no Zyumorphs or green Two-headed Lindwurms either
  4. I'm not sure I follow you. I wouldn't mind if the new biomes had different types of Coppers assigned to them. But why would it matter if they didn't and Coppers bred with dragons from those biomes bred true? Wouldn't that provide more options for making lineages with Coppers? Why does the dragons from the Cave/Market biomes being limited matter? edit, just looked up the spriter of Copper dragons. Well it's the spriters decision, I just want to know their reasoning
  5. Pokemon Crystal. I'm soft resetting for a shiny Ho-Oh, no luck so far but I'm only at 1300 odd encounters
  6. I'm against separate egg descriptions for alts. But as for the other eggs that share descriptions not being able to tell them apart before you pick them up means more reason for you to be able to tell them apart not less
  7. thick ============= factory
  8. I dreamt I was in a shop looking for a specific flavour of chocolate bar but I kept finding really weird flavours instead. The only one I remember is pineapple and cinnamon
  9. Unfogged two Siyat eggs too early and they hatched blue
  10. I found about this too late to enter the last raffle but I entered on time this time
  11. ballerina ========= theme
  12. I need: to erase an influence If you can take my egg, and teleport it back, please reply here - thanks! done, thanks
  13. I won! I got an email notification on my phone that said July dragon r... and thought it was for the the July dragon release thread. I certainly wasn't expecting this, now if only my new release eggs would hatch so I have space for it. I did decide when the raffles were announced that if I ever won one I'd give the first shiny egg I breed from it away
  14. I still need to unlock scaleless Dark Luminae
  15. dancer (it's official, I play too much dragon cave)
  16. paladin ========== hour
  17. Shriek =========== Update
  18. Thanks although I probably should have mentioned I'm trading one away, not looking for one
  19. I was offered a Chrono Xenowyrm egg on a trade I'd posted but by the time I was able to check for offers the offered egg had grown up. The person offered the hatchie it grew into and I accepted hoping it would still gender right but it didn't. So then I offered the hatchie on several trading threads for a gender swap with no luck. I even stunned the hatchie so I'd have more time. Btw did stun always add only 1 extra day? I could have sworn it added 2 days. And someone did a troll offer of a Gold that they then removed