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  1. ikr, they're far too popular for a dragon that was released a year ago. I've been having better luck catching pumkins
  2. Nevermind, I misread an earlier post
  3. I got 24 items but I'm sure I saw something earlier about the guy who got turned into a troll was supposed to give you something. Only he ran off after he showed me the cave. I saw the option to go home when I first played it but I didn't bother with it as I thought it would take me to the event home, not the characters home
  4. Either the 11 pm drop went by really quickly, or there are no eggs in the Halloween Biome
  5. How many of the trick or treat things are there to collect?
  6. I forgot all about collecting Hellfires for a lineage I had planned. Then I went to breed my Desipis dragons and wondered why I had so few Hellfires
  7. Caught my 2 Pumpkins finally. I caught some last year without too much difficulty only, to release them when I really needed the egg slots
  8. Dove Pygmy was taken but Pidgeon Pygmy wasn't
  9. Anyone know how to stop chrome from 'helpfully' unloading tabs with hatcheries. I don't want to turn off that feature altogether, just keep hatchery tabs running
  10. This sounded like a fun project and I wanted to join but by the time I'd renamed and grouped my dragons the thread has gotten no activity for a month
  11. Managed to get 4 of each after work. I was worried that they'd be all gone by the time I got home
  12. No, I have to go to work soon. I just hope they'll still be dropping in good numbers when I get back home
  13. I forgot about the Zyus sharing an encyclopedia entry. Although once you unlock them shouldn't you then be able to buy all forms in the market?
  14. Definitely agree with making the bell more visible at the very least. A while back I needed a Chrono Xenowyrm egg but by the time I realised that I had a notification the the egg that was offered had already hatched. The person re-offered the hatchling and I accepted hoping it would gender right but it didn't
  15. Not counting Prizes and Holidays, the following dragons are missing from the market: Zyumorphs, green Two-headed Lindwyrms and Sunrises/Sunsets. Zyumorphs are biome based but I'm not sure why they didn't get added along with the other biome based dragons (such as Xenowyrms) when the Market got updated. Likewise we can only buy the blue/silver (alpine) Two-headed Lindwyrm but not the green forest one. Sunrise/Sunsets are determined when the egg hatches not when it is created. Why are they left out when Glory drakes (which are determined by when they are created) get added?
  16. They're biome based. Silver ones in alpine and green in forest. Them and Zyus are the only biome based dragons not in the market. Idk why Sunrise/Sunsets aren't included either
  17. I just tried adding my scroll now and it worked. But I was getting the 404 few minutes ago
  18. Unrelated, but green Two-headed Lindwyrms, Sunrise/Sunsets and Zyumorphs are still unavailable in the market
  19. I missed a CB Gold. I've never even seen a Gold in the biomes before now so it was nice to see one even if I didn't catch it. Gratz to whoever did manage to catch it. And the forums decided to be unavailable for maintenance just as I tried to post this
  20. I have this almost cool code dragon: https://dragcave.net/lineage/mOPbY I was planning on naming it mOPbY Dick but wanted to know if that would be fine first
  21. Another ISBN number: I5SbN number Also: Jack and jIlIH Shave and a haircut 2BTbts Those RAzpDs are dangerous Be sure to Eat your VegAJables
  22. I donated Gift report: Chaos Riderr -> Kaiserf11: Bronze Shimmer Is the Giftee on that list? Yes Do they need/wish to be removed? No How was the gift offered? Via PM I copied the form on mobile and it seems to have broken the formatting. Sorry about that
  23. I needed a Sunset but I forgot all about hiding the egg. It hatched at the right time anyway