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  1. Forgetful Rider fuse with wolfsbane
  2. I'll remove it when I found out what it is *searches through manual* Waiter! There's a metal detector in my soup!
  3. Banned because I will be, specific that is, Darien
  4. Banned because it's like that because it got stretched vertically since it was longer than it was tall
  5. My first description for one of the new Dragons, A Black Tea one: Accept: What a nice dragon, willing to share her meals. Silly humans eat bee spit rather than the bees themselves. -Tabs Accept: Accept: *honey, she will ~D fixed that, thank you Dimar
  6. Banned for not letting me do what I want
  7. Well, you did ask for dinner and a show Waiter, there's a tv in my soup
  8. I'm sorry sir, it seems you've been served the wrong order. Waiter! There's a magnet in my soup!
  9. They're bayleafs, a kind of herb Waiter! There's an ant colony in my soup!
  10. beaned because I'll have a banning debate if I want to
  11. Kitteh Rider Fuse with dragon rage
  12. Fizzgig just wants to help sace the world?
  13. That's where they got to *puts them back on* Waiter there's a frog in my soup!
  14. I knew I'd put that extra soup somewhere. Waiter there's ashes in my soup!
  15. Banned for taking the same oath as me
  16. Chaos til tonight! fuse with hyper bean
  17. Me neither, I'll just set up a wall and leave
  18. Wait 'til I finish my bath will ya Waiter! There's a feather in my soup!
  19. Look ma? No eyes and I can invent new words? Now type: Black Capped Teimarrs are...