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  1. It must have escaped *puts back in burrow* Waiter, there's paper in my soup
  2. banned because it's a crime if I say it is
  3. Who? Me? I wasn't going to knock over those eggs. Honest!
  4. well milk it waiter there's a fox in my soup
  5. Well don't just sit there battle him waiter, there's a helicopter in my soup
  6. Sorry to disappoint you but you did order number soup waiter there's a dog in my soup
  7. Banned for thinking I have something against smilies
  8. I'd heard that the soup tasted like paint but... Waiter, there's a Tardis in my soup
  9. It's a great delicacy, live shark-fin soup Waiter, there's snow in my soup
  10. I'll keep the Ice then, the chance of a successful summon is supposed to get higher with each complete trio although that'll be a while off yet
  11. Looks like I got lucky with that Blacktip for Blackcap earlier, ah well
  12. Banned because I won't decide how confusing I don't want to be
  13. Well, you did order the intergalactic soup waiter there's a fork in my soup
  14. You order the forum special Waiter, there's a sparrow in my soup!
  15. Since coppers are a no show, I can understand not getting any in exchange for my Ice or Black Tea but does a CB Seragamma Wyvern for either of those seem fair?
  16. jumpy rider fuse with trapper
  17. I claim this post and dedicate it to.....