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  1. Watermelon, peaches, pineapple, apricots, plums, strawberries, cherries and Watermelon
  2. I love smoked cheddar but that's pretty much it
  3. Trading cards. Mostly Pokémon but some Duel Masters as well
  4. Wild Birds of prey and the smart ones like parrots and ravens My two cockatiels. One flies into the room I'm in and squawks to the other one to follow and she squawks back to him telling him to come back
  5. My forum and Dragcave usernames are both names of monsters from Dragon Island Blue which is indirectly responsible for how I came across Dragcave in the first place
  6. in the search box on bulbapedia meant to be glitch but gligar somehow came up unstead. I think faster than I type so sometimes I le the last few letters off words or them out entirely
  7. Either a New Zealand Giant Eagle or a Roc
  8. I have a loads of pictures of dinosaurs and dragons and some of legendary Pokémon and I change it whenever I'm bored with my current one
  9. Twice. The second time I had the same dream twice in one night (the 1st one wasn't lucid) but in the second one I knew what was going to happen and made things work out differently
  10. Grabbed an Albino hatchling instead of a Two-headed. The extra Albino just had to grow up into another female one
  11. Forgetting that I was egg locked and trying to breed another Stone for a Geode
  12. The night hours should be longer in the winter and shorter in the summer