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  1. That's to allow you to travel to the second course ma'am Waiter, there's gunpowder in my soup
  2. banned because your name is all numbers
  3. Banned because you have a load of fansite banners in your sig
  4. Banned for telling me what to assume
  5. What would a CB Seragamma Wyvern or a CB Blacktip be worth? Want to know what to breed/catch for both
  6. That's because our soup is thick enough to be eaten with a fork waiter, there's a tiger in my soup
  7. Banned because it's not the weekend and I can be bothered
  8. don't be an as Waiter, there's a zebra in my soup
  9. This waiter is taking too long to respond. waiter, there's an egg in my soup
  10. quit bugging me waiter, there's a bird in my soup
  11. that's because you ate it waiter, there's hailstones in my soup
  12. banned because I'll be as fast as I want to
  13. This time it's my amphiptere, with a foot fetish
  14. Well, play it waiter, there's a cactus in my soup
  15. If it still works it's yours waiter, there's a butterfly in my soup
  16. banned because if you won't give a reason I will
  17. oops, sorry. I gave you brain soup by mistake Waiter there's a horn in my soup
  18. banned for banning people for being envious
  19. If you forgot your Pokeflute you'r out of luck Waiter, there's a message in my soup
  20. Oh, sorry, it should be a pair *takes smelly sock off foot* Waiter, there's a diamond in my soup