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  1. banned for giving smilies as your only reason
  2. Banned because I haven't read it at all yet
  3. the roof leaks, the umbrella is there to stop the rain from getting into your soup waiter, there's an car in my soup
  4. banned as there's no capital 'P' in psycho
  5. banned because we all have to sooner or later
  6. banned because I can't be bothered anymore
  7. Banned because people can be as unsure about things as they want to be
  8. Banned for not saying so in your sig
  9. Well since I lost that means you must have won so I suggest that you celebrate Waiter, there's a slinky in my soup
  10. Banned for having a pixelated avatar
  11. Yes, you get dinner and dessert in the same meal Waiter, there's dust in my soup
  12. Banned for also swearing to name all your dragons
  13. Banned because that's all I ever talk about
  14. Banned because I do this to everyone
  15. I have a Dorkface whose nickname is 'Random Reject' and it has an approved description