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  1. well, you did order chicken soup waiter, there's a hat in my soup
  2. Banned because I forgot to ban someone earlier
  3. banned because Chaos Riders are stronger
  4. Banned for having two scroll links in your sig
  5. Banned because it's two users with the same avatar
  6. Well catch it and use it Waiter, there's a ladder in my soup
  7. banned because people can give their opinions if they want to
  8. banned for being a certified collector
  9. Banned for wanting me to click a lot of stuff
  10. Banned because I refuse to be trapped
  11. He'll make his own way out waiter, there's a cat in my soup
  12. This even gen checker. I think someone must have been hoping for a gold
  13. Banned for misinterpreting me, I like sparkles, I just don't want any
  14. model of what. need to know before I can get rid of it Waiter, there's a Pikachu in my soup
  15. banned for taking the 250 book challenge