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  1. Thank you to the anonymous person who abandoned the CB Pink Sapphire that I managed to catch. Really made my day when I found it
  2. Do zombie dragons only show up in the description review queue when it's nighttime?
  3. Have: 2G Bronze Shimmer x Staterae Want: CB new release egg (but not a Floret Wyvern) https://dragcave.net/teleport/8a0b20f35d6f020fa22e4e95544feb71
  4. Have: 2G Bronze Shimmer x Staterae Want: Offer anything, CB new release is auto https://dragcave.net/teleport/e4521651b564154bb3e4472f318c111d
  5. My current scroll goal is 2 CB breeding pairs of everything except Prizes but with the green cantors and pink sapphires I might just have to change that to getting two pairs of of those ones regardless of their lineage edit: and I need a complete set of frozen hatchies too, yay! /s
  6. Having just managed to snag a couple of names that I thought would be taken I agree with you that finding unique still available names is fun. Finding out that someone else has already thought of the same name that I was thinking of is fun too in a kindred spirit sort of way but that is tempered by the knowledge that I'll never be able to name my dragons that exact name though
  7. Except what if I wanted to name one of my dragons Mickey Mouse for instance. Mickey Mouse Insertscrollname, Mickey Mouse of Green Hills and Blank's Mickey Mouse are not the same thing
  8. I wonder if that idea got re-purposed for this birthday release
  9. I had a thought with the Florets. There are three CB variants now, could it be that breeding each of the different CB variants with some as yet unknown dragon gives you the other three new variants i.e.: purple floret + celestial = deep purple floret gold floret + ??? = lavender or brown floret peach floret + ??? = lavender or brown floret I also wonder if elemental affinity plays a part, Celestials are Magi elemental so deep purple could be with change-aligned dragons
  10. Well the majority of my Purples won't be off cooldown for another 5 days. Hopefully the new mechanics will be mostly figured out by then as I don't want to risk breeding new pairs without fertility I'm not going to lie, I was kind of hoping for mostly new dragons in the cave to hunt for
  11. I'm waiting on 4 eggs to hatch because I thought the Birthday release was tomorrow
  12. It's cause you use Stun to acquire them
  13. Is anyone finding eggs in any biome other than new Florets in the Jungle at the moment? I was hoping to grab CB Electrics, Sapphires and Cantors to try turning into the new alts but nothing was dropping at the last 5 min drop I checked
  14. I agree Cantormarus eggs are hard enough to find as it is, let alone having a form that puts you at risk of killing them
  15. Agh I meant to say with a space in-between so that: My Scroll Name = AvianAvatar My Forum Name = Avian Avatar I was able to change my scroll name but not my forum name. Perhaps Ruby Eyes is right and it's the previous forum name of someone else
  16. I changed my scroll name recently but I don't see a way to update that on daily dragon fix
  17. I just changed my scroll name to something completely different but when I went to change my forum name to the same thing with no space in-between it wouldn't let me
  18. random question I have a frozen hatchie that I thought would be fun to name after its parents but I'm at a complete loss for description ideas for it
  19. Glowy Aeon if anyone needs one: https://dragcave.net/lineage/1ox9P
  20. Full support. I had a dragon whose description must have been approved at least a year ago and I only noticed now when I went to add another dragon to my pending descriptions group
  21. Are you not allowed to use spaces anymore when you change your forum username?
  22. Why are Leodon dragons classed as wingless dragons rather than eastern dragons? They have similar body lengths to Lihnseyre Dragons
  23. You could try the influence for me thread:
  24. Tjenni --> Chaos Rider: Blue Striped (ACCEPTED)
  25. I want to request a gift! Forum Name: Chaos Rider Scroll Name: Spikey Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/Spikey Message Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=198779 Today's Date: 12 May 21 Will you accept an inbred dragon?: no Will you accept a messy lineage?: no Dragon Breed List to be placed on: Blue Striped (Optional) Any specific conditions that must be met?: 2G from female white striped. I don't mind what dragon the mate is as long as it's not a striped dragon