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  1. 8 minutes ago, purplehaze said:

    Since they sort by breed sort as soon as they hatch with the color they will be when grown I am sure it will be fine. Hatchies often ungender for a short time when transferred.

    I did not know that. And it did regender shortly after so I guess this thread can be closed now

  2. 7 hours ago, Pilauli said:

    Well, if dragons eat all your hedges, there aren't any hedges left for deer to munch on, and so on.  Evolution obviously happened differently on Valkemare; if it produced dragons, there might not be many mammals.


    On the other hand, there do appear to be humans, which are mammals.  Therefore, there are probably some other mammals, which means there's probably something to get milk from, even if we have to get very tiny buckets and milk squirrels or something.

    The Horse dragon encyclopedia entry mentions that they have bodies reminiscent of equines. We wouldn't be noting that if they didn't exist for us to compare them to. The same entry also mentions rodents. Now I'm curious what other animals are mdntioned in encyclopedia entries 


    And the Cavern Lurker encyclopedia

    Eat mostly mammals such as deer, pigs, horses, and cattle.

  3. @49ER

    I think tj has changed things so the ingredients you have less of drop more. I was getting heaps of eggs/sugar/milk when I had hardly any but when I had about 10 of each they stopped dropping as often until I started using them up