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  1. I did not know that. And it did regender shortly after so I guess this thread can be closed now
  2. I was waiting for a Nebula hatchling to be the right colour before giving it away. It was, so I did so but when they took it it ungendered
  3. The Horse dragon encyclopedia entry mentions that they have bodies reminiscent of equines. We wouldn't be noting that if they didn't exist for us to compare them to. The same entry also mentions rodents. Now I'm curious what other animals are mdntioned in encyclopedia entries And the Cavern Lurker encyclopedia Eat mostly mammals such as deer, pigs, horses, and cattle.
  4. So this is what you do with your excess grain. Feed it to your dragons to get rare eggs
  5. I'd find this useful. I bred two holiday dragons together and got the wrong eggs in the first batch. Would be nice to just abandon the lot of them right away when I'm not planning on keeping any
  6. When I had around 10 each of sugar etc I went back to getting meat and poulty which I already have plenty of
  7. @49ER I think tj has changed things so the ingredients you have less of drop more. I was getting heaps of eggs/sugar/milk when I had hardly any but when I had about 10 of each they stopped dropping as often until I started using them up
  8. Looks like Wintertide dragons
  9. I can't do anything about it right now but I can get rid of the glitched extra door on my gingerbread house finally
  10. I noticed an increase in eggs, sugar and milk but I wasn't sure if it was just me
  11. The colours and feathered wings of Wintertide dragons reminds me of Ho-Oh
  12. I'm on mobile so doing mockups is a bit awkward. I'm curious how they would look with Aeria Gloris dragons. The head of Aeria Gloris dragons reminds me of Lugia and the feathers and colours of Wintertide dragons remind me of Ho-Oh
  13. A hard refresh clears the cache and then reloads the page a normal reload doesn't
  14. Have you tried doing a hard reset Ctrl + F5 or clearing you cache?
  15. I have 12 nuts. Apparently I'm a squirrel collecting nuts for the winter even though its summer here. Although with the weather we've been having lately . . .
  16. I wish we could click on a little present or something and get 5 random ingredients. Surely there's a present graphic from a past event that tj can use
  17. @Emerald01CB Solstices are always rosy-winged. Bred Solstices can have either rosy or blue wings depending on what time of day they were bred. I don't remember what time for what wings
  18. Red = missing ingredient Black = ingredient you have
  19. @Fuzzbucket if its in colour you're missing ingredients for those recipes. You'll notice if you select one that any ingredients you have are in black and any you don't have are in red
  20. What dragons would have a sweet tooth?
  21. I wonder if we'll get to redo our gingerbread houses too. Mine glitched and gave me an extra door way back then
  22. Ok so guess what I just got instead of a recipe 😂
  23. Can we swap? I just got seven in a row
  24. Is anyone else getting nothing but recipe cards?
  25. Eggs + spices + milk + prep = eggnog