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  1. Have: CB Purple Female code z9m9B Need: CB Lumina Female Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  2. Do we have a "I'm SO UNLUCKY today!" thread? I need one NOW!!! My only 2 CB Silver just "The dragons refuse to even go near each other" in my face! I had plans for them! ;_; WHY?????? But, I have a little happiness today, I was glomped with a 2gen pink from Old Pink x Gold!
  3. Happy Easter everyone!!! Thank you TJ! I want the Sauron egg!!! \o/
  4. Congrats to all! My Gold gendered correctly! and I have a cb blusang now!
  5. My shimmer grew up without get sick even once! and gave me my b-day gift! a shimmer egg! *overflowing with happiness*
  6. I loved the 1 day egg slot! Keep it TJ! but I missed 5 Red Dorsal, 1 Dino, 1 CB Silver....
  7. I breed http://dragcave.net/lineage/0iPxu to mate http://dragcave.net/lineage/wxh6z
  8. You're probably right, but how many time will take to trades go back to normal? I love trading, it's so fun! But now, everything I have is "worthless", even a beautiful Black Alt.
  9. This inflation is absurd! I don't get any good offer on this Black Alt, with both parents Alt, from Alt Sweetlings!!! I only get messy offers, and one cb trio and one long line tinsel...really? what is going on?! I'll keep my baby!
  10. My Black is Alt! http://dragcave.net/lineage/Fjlcq and I breed this http://dragcave.net/lineage/di3xW
  11. Shibunari

    Glomp Gifting

    OMG! Thank you very much!!! * speechless *
  12. My tinsel gendered right! now I can do my ZigZag Lineage!
  13. I have my first Shimmer and CB Gold Best day ever!
  14. Shibunari

    Glomp Gifting

    yosofine gifted Black and Ice! Thank you very much!!!! you made my day!
  15. This. I have a 1CB Black+2CB Reds+1CB Nebula all hatchies and a 4gen tinsel and I don't get any offer! And I don't asked for anything....just "offers". It's sad, I love trades, it's fun! Hopefully this shimmer-madness will end soon! The game are boring now.... I can't trade or get any good eggs from AP, since my page only shows 5 days messy eggs =/ *sigh*
  16. The AP for me is just like this: And it is really boring...almost all eggs are messy useless rejected with 5 days. I like the old..mixed with 7 days,6 days, 4 days eggs... I think this new is a bit unfair! I want the old AP back!
  17. I want to giving back to the thread... I have a Silver hatchie...but we don't have a list!
  18. I just traded a CB...and no LOLgardenia
  19. Anyone asked about the lolGardenia on IRC?
  20. My vase http://dragcave.net/valentines13/Shibunari
  21. Anyone can help me figure out what my boquet is lacking? http://dragcave.net/valentines13/Shibunari Ow!!! the hatchi is cute!