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  1. HAVE: ALT Sweetling X Royal Crimson Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! 4G ALT Sweetling X Carmine Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! 5G ALT Sweetling x Gold Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! 5g ALT Sweetling x Black Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! WANT: I'm Ok with 4:1 2 ALT Black/Red Dorsal from ALT Sweetling 2G from CB ALT Black 2G Prize Kin/ 2G SA line! Offer? PM! look at my sig ^^
  2. I feel so silly now! I totally forgot about the fixed gender (only for this hatch!) Thank you!
  3. I need a little help, please? should've precog works on hatchling? the hatch has 6 days and 23 hours and shows me this: what I'm doing wrong? thank you!
  4. stead of hiding my NEW v-day eggs, I Abandoned them! :´(
  5. I love anime/manga So, I did get a lot from Naruto, like Uchiha Obito/Uchiha Mikoto/Uchiha Clan, and many others I need to make a list!
  6. Got my long waited 2gen prize, I should be very happy now! EXCEPT, It is Pure-Blood! and I can't continue the line! The egg is already low time, and I just can get a trade for it! it will be a 100% lost line in my scroll =/ I really hope I get some offers before it can't be influenced! And this situation makes me very anxious!
  7. Maybe, I'm just not in the main thing yet, but this is not for me, I have tendonitis and I'm already in pain! ...and not kind to non-english speaker folks as well. =´/
  8. oww! the egg is so pretty! Happy Valentine's!
  9. And just now, the last one! thank you and good luck!❤️
  10. You gave me luck! I just caught one! ❤️
  11. good to know! thanks, I will keep hunting! That is a very kind offer! but, if you CAN get one, it means that you don't already have one! so if you do get one you should keep it, I still have 2 days to get one! thanks for offer! ❤️
  12. I can't get a Floral-Crowned Dragon! ☹️ are they even in the biome?
  13. OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! I JUST CAUGHT MY FIRST CB GOLD! AND I JOINED IN 2012!!! I'M HYPERVENTILATE! Oh, I do have cb metal gold/silver, but it was THANKS to the IOU friendly awesome players, that I have them, never ever had I CAUGHT one! Now I just need a 2 gen prize, or maybe win the raffle!
  14. I can't get any eggs from ap: "You can only view this page from within the site. If you believe you have reached this page in error, see the help section." "Troubleshooting: Referrers Several features of Dragon Cave require that referrers be enabled in your browser. In order to use these features, you must not disable referrers. If you are experiencing errors, check your status below. If it does not say that referrers are enabled, ensure that they are not disabled in your browser, or blocked by internet security software. Your Status Referrers a
  15. same here, I can't rotate anything... send help