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  1. I can't get a Floral-Crowned Dragon! ☹️ are they even in the biome?
  2. OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! I JUST CAUGHT MY FIRST CB GOLD! AND I JOINED IN 2012!!! I'M HYPERVENTILATE! Oh, I do have cb metal gold/silver, but it was THANKS to the IOU friendly awesome players, that I have them, never ever had I CAUGHT one! Now I just need a 2 gen prize, or maybe win the raffle!
  3. I can't get any eggs from ap: "You can only view this page from within the site. If you believe you have reached this page in error, see the help section." "Troubleshooting: Referrers Several features of Dragon Cave require that referrers be enabled in your browser. In order to use these features, you must not disable referrers. If you are experiencing errors, check your status below. If it does not say that referrers are enabled, ensure that they are not disabled in your browser, or blocked by internet security software. Your Status Referrers are likely enabled. Your browser did not send one when loading this page, but it has sent them in the past. You are unlikely to experience any referrer-related errors."
  4. same here, I can't rotate anything... send help
  5. Same problem here! I'm so lost in this game ¬¬
  6. After 3+ years playing it's little late for me, but thanks! The bold part...I don't know that! Sorry, ignore me, I was just venting my frustrations ><"
  7. But...This is very strange this Overall Views: 932 Unique Views: 363 Clicks: 5 Grew up on: Jul 25, 2014 he had over 1 year t get it all! I'm so sad =/
  8. Ok, I'm pissed now! how the hell did this pet die? and WHY??????? It has views and did not get sick! why?? It was a Rainbow Copper! I got after trade my lowest shimmer *cry forever*
  10. how can I find the owner of this dragon!??? I /need/ this name!
  11. Yes! I have 3 eggs now!!! \o/
  12. 2 successful revives out of 4! (1 hatch and 1 adult!)
  13. 4 attempts, and 2 successful revives http://dragcave.net/lineage/m0W6a http://dragcave.net/lineage/tIGvK still no eggs!
  14. Yaay!!! traded for thos http://dragcave.net/lineage/deHOd
  15. I like it http://dragcave.net/lineage/iIgqI
  16. Oh, I missed a 2nd gen from Bright Pink! and a offer~ So now...I missed another 2gen from Bright Pink! ****Please, if you just sent me an offer...I DELETED IT INSTEAD OF QUOTING!!! PLEASE SEND AGAIN! And YES for your question! MY BAD LUCK!
  17. Please, if you just sent me an offer...I DELETED IT INSTEAD OF QUOTING!!! PLEASE SEND AGAIN! MY BAD LUCK!
  18. Missed the 2nd gen Bright Pink! I just love Bright Pink! and no one want to trade for my 2gen silver from Heartstealing
  19. Got an offer from Shibunari but they haven't left anything for this baby or the last one they took a few post above... Have declined the offer. Will accept a new offer if I see a "leaving" egg/hatchie in exchange. Also still haven't heard about my offer yet Got the hatchie just before it matured, YAY!! Still have the Pink egg available... Has Old Pink Mommy and Frill Daddy . Getting ready to go to bed soon, so may not accept offers until morning if I don't get one in the next 15-20 mins Sorry, I was out of slot >///< Offered again Leaving: This egg gives off a beautiful glow. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!