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 I'm seeking 2G from Spriter's Alt and from CB Alt/Hybrid

Names for trade! (not up to date!) here Seeking names from Mo Dao Zu Shi | IOU's are OK

 My Scroll Feel free to PM!  Always seeking 2G Black from Alt Sweetling!

I will breed 2g Prize for common/uncommon hatchlings



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    Anime|Manga|Movies|Books|Series|Internet|Food and Dogs.
    IOU to fulfil:
    to @adrak
    1x Aria from Mistletoe | (2/1) (WTnbv) (FiSkC)
    1x Gold Wyvern from Mistletoe | (1/1) (jai5p)
    1x Purple Floret from Solstice
    1x Orange Xenowyrm from Winter Magi | 1/1 (IvN0F)
    1x Red from Yulebuck | (1/1) (wmJmW)
    1xTerrae from Yulebuck

    To @Justie
    1x 2G Prize x Black Truffle

    IOU's done!

    Me to Ashtoret~ 6 Embers (Done! Thank you! XD)
    Me to Zylara~ 16 Nebulas 16/16 (Done! Thank you! XD)
    Me to PAWB ~20 hatchlings "20"/20 (Done! Thank you! XD)
    Me to kerri ~ 15 hatchlings 15/15 (Done! Thank you! XD)
    Me to HopSketch - 3 CB Nebula | (3/3) (spJiQ) (yXaYd) Carina stead of Nebula (yTYMt)
    IOU's to me


    CB Gold
    CB Silver

    2~3 gen Gold Tinsel/Shimmer

    CB Copper
    CB Gemshard
    CB Blusang
    CB Spring
    CB Red Dorsal
    CB Purple Floret

    ANY 2gens Shimmer-Kin/Tinsel-Kin/ SA

    ANY 2gen from Old Pink, Holly or any Alt!

    2gen Alt black/Vine

    MaximumOccupancy I love you XD
    Thank you very much, for everything, my Diva!

    Zylara, thank you so much! *hugz you to death*