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  1. Sorry I have bee absent for so long! Here is a one way trip to Hong Kong! http://dragcave.net/teleport/10ad48ab05bcc...2e57759a758f522 Please do take care of it, haha, the code is the name of a very special someone to me!
  2. I quit playing that game because i couldn't obtain the sprites I wanted without paying real money. The Blue Rose looking Unicorn was beautiful, too. I may try to get back into it.
  3. Bought the Rose/Red/Emerald Basic Noct
  4. I do that then still get the BBC coded [insert rendern code] then the image, I can't figure it out, lol!
  5. I apparently was taught wrong, I thought the Ides were the 5th, lol. Anyway, I bred my pb Brute egg, and caught a 15th Water!
  6. I do agree with Nectaris. Some people don't always play every day, myself being one of them. Even though I rarely post images, because I can't seem to get the copy past editing right, I sometimes forget to come back and remove them.
  7. Accepted everyone that added me! I am the same as here for everyone else.~ Question: How do you get more Pokémon besides Rowan? I can't travel anywhere besides there and Emera Mall.
  8. It is beautiful! Thank you to the artist and you TJ!
  9. There has been a Genesect event already, I have 2 shiny ones and a regular level 15 Plasma one.
  10. Feeling great! Been in a good mood all day, had the most lovely night with a special someone!/giggles/
  11. Why Jedi, why must you play your mind tricks with me!? Every time you post I swear you are saying "these are the pretties you are looking for!" /face desks as she looks over and decides/
  12. Username: ElementalMistressLuna Schmidt Dragons owned: Z' Poseidon Schmidt Breed types: Water x Nhio Lineage types: (If doing specific lineage types) Stair and Checker Preferred pronouns: He, and all other masculine terms.
  13. Adding a new Z coded Water to my family! *z5W3L: (http://dragcave.net/lineage/z5W3L)* NAME: Z' Poseidon Schmidt GENDER: Male ORIGIN: Cave(Coast) LINEAGE: Dam: x Sire: - N/A
  14. Kinda irritated after reading a name on a scroll, but will get over it.
  15. Aw sweet, lovely new thread! Thanks Tazzay!
  16. I signed up! @Takhesis: Absolutely NOT! Hahaha!
  17. If you want to move up any Pokémon from Soul Silver/Heart Gold, yes you do. Also it is 5 dollars a year, so it isn't that expensive. Nowadays it also requires it to move anything from below X/Y to a copy of those games or to ORAS, along with PokeTransporter since you can't trade them up.
  18. Ooooh, I might join. It's not like I don't play or have enough Pokemon stuff!
  19. Cold, snow on the ground (ew!), slightly windy.
  20. Food*shot* Lemon Pepper salmon and Keebler Fudge cookies