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  1. Well this is interesting, I hope i can get at least 2 of each, had a busy weekend.
  2. OMG someone needs to pm me a catch up of this show, or guide me to a mobile friendly app to watch it. I have missed /so/ much!
  3. Sick of life and wondering why I continue to bother with it. Living with two people who have a vagrant disregard for manners, all thing proper, and laws of driving is making me insane.
  4. Has everyone developed a favorite equine? I will show mine.
  5. Level 8?! I have been 3 for two weeks! *laughs* Edit: From now on the Shiny Suicune will take you to my profile.<3
  6. Oh my goodness! I loved KND and I so wish I was an adult operative....
  7. CaesarZeppeli


    I'd rather avoid the illegal, haha! Rooster Teeth it is!
  8. *does a belly slide in the oil slick*
  9. OMG Luney you are adorable!*huggles to death*
  10. CaesarZeppeli


    I figured it would be there, I borrowed their Blu ray player since I didn't have one. I was just curious if there were any other places. Thanks!
  11. CaesarZeppeli


    I am so far behind, I borrowed only season 1 from a friend. Any place to watch it online?
  12. How in all the world do you guys earn silver so fast?!
  13. I dunno if I belong here since I am what people call "normal". I identify as female, as I was born biologically one, and use the she/her things. I do think I am an otherkin and can be gender-fluid from my days of role-playing both male and female characters. /shrugs and backs away/
  14. I also am fine with the Dragons page only.
  15. All I see is the sell button, maybe you could sell it for 1 silver? I dunno.
  16. Gotta wait for my Stable to open up to go Basket hunting, haha!
  17. Rotten Luck, earthy! That totally stinks!
  18. There ya go, earthy! I have three if you'd like one! Also,
  19. I was wondering if I may have my question answered, I got my old account back and would love to share my stables here. Thanks! Also so many pretty equines!
  20. Great! I shall keep my schedule open!
  21. Now how did you guys get those images up there, the IMG URL?