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  1. Good luck, I own a Kindle and a Samsung Galaxy and they both won't load the Coli nor Fairgrounds.
  2. I also know the coli does have problems loading on most mobile devices, I haven't tried Apple products but Androids and Kindle products do not load.
  3. Ok dude, calm down, caps give me a headache... Also I am willing to breed for any of you new guys! Edit: Thanks Light Concorde! Forgot there wasn't a y in the breed name.
  4. Not too big on Yuffie and Vince since he rolls his eyes most times, LOL! But I think if she'd manage to relax the old guy they'd work out. xP I do approve of genesis and Yuffie, though! I ship Twilight and Flash Sentry though that would never work.
  5. Coatyl* Anyway, I am always willing to add friends to my list! I am QueenLunaRose over there. I am a Shadowling or Shadowbutt, I follow Shadowbinder the Shadowmama.<3 Edit: Did I say Shadow too much?
  6. Travelling Asia! Travellers involved:ElementalMistressLuna, LumosSeeker148 Capitals travelled: Kathmandu (one-way) Good thing I was packed!
  7. Pfft! I haven't even started, whatchu talkin' about sista?
  8. FR is free. No money needs to be involved usless you want to pay real money for Gems.
  9. Oh my goodness, my first one was awesome! Happy Easter! Have fun egg collecting!
  10. LOL Pearl was hilarious! Amethyst was classic too!
  11. Oh my goodness that is gorgeous! Good tones of each!
  12. How much did it yield you, Jedi? Also I kind of like it, I might keep it until I am desperate. edit: Wow I want the stupendous one, but no way can I afford 2k gems....o.o
  13. Oooh! I have a guess, haha! Edit: I need help with unlocking another section. The sections that have the grass patch, the cave, and the Unown. How do I unlock those?
  14. I kinda do, but I can wait, ...i think, LOL!
  15. I got a red and white odd looking egg, I wonder what it is, lol. http://pokeheroes.com/pokemon?id=2824878
  16. OMG Shiny Suicune cometh now! Edit: LMFAO!!!!!! That is too funny! Edit 2: For real though I would DIE to get a shiny Suicune or Reshiram, lol better get hunting!
  17. Although I love Comic Sans MS, it isn't a good font style for sites.
  18. Wonderful new additions to the cave! Love them all! By the way, everyone go check out EATW! It's hilarious!
  19. Oh guys, i went from 4.1 k to 10k in like 10 minutes yesterday!
  20. Earthy i bought your Misty Moon Pegasus, he is so amazing! I also managed to basket catch one myself!
  21. Only real problem I have with this site is Prof. Rowan's lab. The eggs sometimes don't show info unless I normal or hard refresh them.
  22. Darn i didn't get to get any Festive Favors this time!..Oh well next time!
  23. Calm down, please. We all agree UG is not that good, and we /all/ watch Steven U, so it is precious to us all, not just one of us.
  24. I would be making Waters become more rare than Silvers/Golds.
  25. Luney! I want to like...hug you to death! I think you are so beautiful!