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  1. I sure hope so! I also enjoyed the Safari Zone/Cinnabar Island glitch. Haha!
  2. Looks like I made it back just in time! Time to get more Shadow Walkers, Graves and Cavern Lurkers!
  3. In five hours would you like mine?
  4. So finally got a Desert one but my fave the Coast one is not appearing, lol!
  5. *hugs and pats as you cry* That sucks, Birdzy! I hope you manage to get one from H O L Y, though!
  6. Okie dokie! Btw hai! Long time! I love the Xeno's! Haven't got one yet but I haven't given up hope to give them a home!
  7. Please wait for Birdzy to confirm that that can be used before using it.
  8. Wow now I MUST get these! I just came back after a haitus and wow, I need to get catching! These are wonderful thanks TJ and Spriters!
  9. Hiya Syiren! Long time! Also good start! Can't wait to see more!
  10. Happy Birthday Dragon Cave! Thank you to all the spriters and TJ!
  11. And got these two for 1G o.o
  12. Bought the girlie! Thank you!<3
  13. Do I get those eggs from the Basket or from someplace special? Or am I too late?
  14. Guess I missed a chance and pretties again, lol!
  15. I stand corrected, all I know is that you have to have flash or something to play it. Thanks Hellen!
  16. From my experiences, Coli does NOT work on any non-apple phone. It may work on some tablets, but I know the Kindle isn't one. Your best bet is to use a computer or laptop.
  17. Explorers of Time? Just making sure. Also Grovyle IS 'nuff said, lol! That trio of games was amazing!
  18. Luneyyyyyyy!*hugs* I, too, have read and watched FMA Brother hood! I love the show<3 Also you bettah have this thread so we can all see how much your art improves and post here to support you!
  19. RWyvern you make me soooooo jealous! Even when I sketched A LOT I was never this good! i will be stalking from the bushes with Spatio and Luney!
  20. Awe man, that Male! I am so short, though!
  21. Jedi, if no one buys or takes that Gold female, I would love to. I'll give others a chance first.
  22. I have a few familiars I can give you. Also may I add some of you? Or you can add me, QueenLunaRose, if you wish.
  23. Sock, you have a right to your opinion. I think some people here need to be less judgmental of single characters and be more open minded about things. I could go on about Garnet, but I won't because I like her and i don't judge her for being herself.