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  1. Day 3 of searching ends in failure. I am going to go to bed, goodnight to all those who have those eggs. And to those you managed to get them before I had a chance great catch! Hope to get a couple for myself...
  2. *starts to pray to the Dragon Cave egg goddess* please let me be lucky to have a chance to get one of your new gifts, please! I would appreciate it so very much! *sighs* so hard to get them.....I would love to have at least two, if that isn't considered too greedy.
  3. Been at it for two days with no luck! Kinda giving up hope to find one CB.. They are so lovely *sighs wistfully*
  4. Still haven't got any, you people are so lucky!!!!
  5. I sent you a PM, I will take that off your hands if you want me to. Also can't seem to have any luck getting even one, too many people in the Biome! Dx
  6. I agree with Starscream. Though often if you call someone on an phone it will say something along the lines of the person not being able to be reached, if you tried to text them you will get a return message saying that your message was sent back due to the number blocking you or it being blocked from you. I've had the message part happen to me.
  7. This has made me make a resolution to make sure I am, even though I have never harassed a player at all on here, never going to do that. I will be a polite person. I will be nice enough to take any answer I get. Heck I will even if told no, go search for what I requested for myself, if it is Caveborm or offspring of certain dragons. If it isn't able to be fullfilled I will leave it be and go on. I'm not afraid to be told no, and I won't pester, I will simply say "thank you for your time." It is rather bad that people are pushed to leave, because of others being idiots and greedy. It makes
  8. That is indeed awful knowing this site, which I consider wonderful and fun, is full of people who would rather be given dragons than earn them. The dragons I have, most are gifts I am sincerely grateful for, but others are ones I have captured myself. I like the thrill of seeing if the dragon I have picked up is either CB or Purebred, so I can start my own lineages or carry on a pure lineage with it. I enjoy the little chance game I play every time I pick up an egg, either in the biomes or the AP. Plus picking up a low Gen rare or one with a lineage I can continue is even better. I f
  9. After all the Valentine's Day hype, going back to regular eggs is gonna be a bit mundane for a bit. But only till I find that Rare Caveborn egg or perfect mate for one of my caveborns. Then the excitement shall return once again. Dragon, I trust and have faith, will never fail to keep me coming back until the day it no longer exists. Long Live Dragon Cave and all of the people who made, and keep it, so wonderful!
  10. I was, just for fun since I am locked atm, looking in the AP and I found two of the 2013 eggs. I was so sad finding that no one wanted the new ones...:C
  11. They hatched! Oh my goodness I am so excited! Can't wait to have my do the same and grow up. Keep spreading the Love everyone. and the Roses too to me *shot for being greedy*
  12. Anyone else feeling so happy yet so tired at the same time? Also if anyone gets a purple with cream yellow flower it is from me. I chose it as my specialty flower. Again Happy Valentines Day all! Love the roses that I have, I also like the Lilly and Iris. Edit: Sent WestWindReborn a white lotus
  13. Thanks Xeriina! I would love Roses if anyone wants to send some!! Sending a Branch to you Vakarian!
  14. Sending flowers to you Xeriina~ <3 and to as many as I can this week, I will PM you to let you know if I did(I will try to send a lot). Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Let's spread friendly love! So glad I finally have someone I can spend it with this year, love him so much!