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  1. Oh oops! I can wait til next donation round, then!
  2. Ooh I would love to be a donator, I incuhatch my batch of eggs and breed a couple right now!
  3. http://queenlunarose.deviantart.com/
  4. Bloody Stream-Coda (The OP of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure part 2/Battle Tendency(Pillar Men).
  5. Well seeing as it didn't blow up in your face I take it they took it with stride. Sometimes, and that is only when there is a small window of opportunity, it is best to admit you feel for them. But that is often worse than not saying it, I would keep flirting like that until you feel they would accept your admission of your feelings.
  6. Working on my new dragon concept, designing a new pony species and a new species in a game I am working on with a friend.
  7. Adoring the Sinii Krai and Scimitar Wing dragons! Thanks once again Corteo, Mysfytt, and Playdoh! Thank you to TJ for another great release!
  8. Thank you TJ and spriters! I got 2 of the Harmless ones and one of the Warm ones! Will get that one later!
  9. Chocolate chip cookies and milk. (If milk is considered eating lol.)
  10. I would probably hoard gems and shiny rocks. Or feathers.
  11. Chicken noodle soup then vanilla ice cream.
  12. Yeah I have to agree with that but it is stil messing with me emotionally. Also Sock, sorry I forgot I needed to warn of language and stuff....Didn't mean to break a rule off the bat.
  13. Warning for languagehttp://queenlunarose.deviantart.com/journal/A-675795344 Here is what they said, I had to copy and paste it to my account there. And don't hate me for my political choice please.... Edit: My security is now at the highest it can possibly go on Facebook at this time. ~Censor evasion removed~
  14. I would totally back this idea, as I just want to get CB Rosebuds myself!
  15. I have, but she creates more and more alts to come at me time and time again, today is the first day in about a week I have had peace for a full 24 hour period. I am shaking and on edge, terrified to get on my laptop or phone that used to be a luxury for me....I don't know what to do. I have even reported it to FB and they see nothing wrong with it. I don't want to create an alt cause I don't like the idea..
  16. So lately I just got back onto this lovely site to reconnect to some friends, which had made me insanely happy. But then I had that happiness crushed by an old enemy that resurfaced on Facebook. She said some things that lately have set me and my anxiety on edge to where I think about either drinking myself into a stupor, or picking up cigarettes again and smoking myself into numbness. (I am going to be 25 this year so you guys don't jump me for being underage.) Can I share what she said to me with a link or is it preferred to copy and paste the whole message cleanly? Some of the things s
  17. https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZHZOD Take me home, please! Looking for a good home! And poor ruined lineage haha. Incuhatchable for anyone wanting to use a Red on the bab. (So glad to be back to donating Z Codes all around to fellow Z code collecting friends!)
  18. All for sale for 25k, willing to go lower to around 10k.
  19. Happy Birthday DC! And OMG, what a gift this is! I am crying, literally crying with the BP's/Arias and Frills coming back and the new art, map, and breeds! Everything! This is amazing! Thank you everyone who helped in this and TJ, especially to you.
  20. Oh my garsh! Thanks TJ and spriters!
  21. Haha! I am glad we can chat about it!
  22. Holy Crow barely announced and this has a thread already lol.
  23. You did the same thing I did after my first run and uber failure at the Gapra Whitewoods. My Second go around I was over leveled I nerfed the Aster Protoflorian so easily. My main problem was Hope's health and Light wasn't able to keep up as Medic, even when I went Med-Med (Double Dose) they had a hard time.