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  1. Black Vday derg would be epic! *whispers* Also is that Valon from YuGiOh! (original series Waking the Dragons arc)
  2. After much breeding, trading, hoping and patience I have acquired all the Christmas dragons I had missed in years past! Thank you, TJ, for this opportunity! Also thank you to everyone who traded with me! You are the heroes of my Christmas as well, now to send a gift off to a friend I know she will love!~
  3. Thanks! I seem to be having some luck tonight so I do hope so!
  4. Well after today I will only need Yules and Hollies. Hope I can get some before they are gone and the 25th event starts.
  5. Have a Thuwed Lined Holly https://dragcave.net/lineage/bFins CB Wrapping Wing https://dragcave.net/lineage/Jz1q6 LF CB of the following -Yulebuck (x2) -CB Holly (x2)
  6. To be honest, I am glad for the opportunity to get anything I have missed that was my fault to begin with. What with forgetting, not logging in, etc. TJ you are doing an awesome job! And please don't let this ruin any chance of this possibly coming back for Valentines!
  7. Yay got two Solstice, I hope they are the Rosy wing variety since those are my favorite!
  8. Looking! So fun! Thank you as well gothe insight. (Apologies for double post!)
  9. Oh yay! I love getting, as my family calls it, spooks! Thanks for answering me!
  10. So do our hatchling trick-or-treater go ToTingon his or her own? I only had 2 candy yesterday after buying the Gryffindor colored outift. And this morning I have like 4-5 candy.
  11. I am at 47 in treats and I, too, haven't seen the 48th-50th drop in hours. Perhaps that will be rectified when I awake in a handful of hours. Happy hunting for eggs and candy all! <3
  12. There seems to be a glitch about the other 3 appearing once you hit 47ish.
  13. Oh man I had been eyeballing the Carina for a long time! I am super happy these made it in-cave! Grats Pie and Play!
  14. You are a real hero! Kudos to you!
  15. Ooh this is super exciting! I didn't win but I am hoping for a Silver Shim for half of the red text in my signature (which I am hoping I will one day achieve!)
  16. So I forgot my password and I had it send me a reset email. Yet when I use the password reset thing it tells me my ticket is invalid or something, what do I do? I don't want to start all over cause I have a couple rare event Ponies. Edit: Nevermind, I must of been typing the new password in wrong. I got it. Lol. Edit 2: Does anyone know anyone on the site that would do banners/siggies?
  17. Airborne pollen and the like. For foods anything with red dye in it.
  18. OH MY GOD SO MUCH COOL STUFF! Ahem... Thank you TJ! And Everyone who helped make this all real! I am so happy to see groups and a new trophy! This is all very exciting!!! Happy Birthday everyone!!! 11 years strong!
  19. Final Fantasy 10, trying to set up my OBS to begin streaming it for fun.
  20. I honestly haven't played in forever, although that would still be terrible if I lost all the equines I had collected over the months/years I have played.
  21. I am getting the same error.