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  1. I know at least I've put two hatchlings on the trading hub, so look there as well as the AP.
  2. Does the fact that TJ only has three mean there's no gender dimorphism? I always pick up as many Halloween eggs as I can to ensure that I get more of a chance of hatching a male and a female, then trade the extras later. But if there's no dimorphism, there's no reason to hang onto the extras.
  3. If you're in the right place, try sprinting past it. Wait for it to flip the other way, then immediately run.
  4. The reset button only resets the room you're in.
  5. If you miss any CBs, then fill up your list with eggs for the new breed and trade them on the trading hub for any you've missed. That's what I did a couple of years ago. So I've completed the game, and I was wondering if, if I replay it, there's any way to speak to the green and gold dragons in the cave? I think that's the only thing I missed if it's possible.
  6. @MissK. Ah. I made it through by trial and error in the end.
  7. Okay so the wiki guide on how to complete the door puzzle doesn't seem to be right? I'm on the second door puzzle. In my tile room it goes from top to bottom, left to right:
  8. Okay, I'm pretty annoyed. I didn't realise that asking for Avery's assistance would just solve the puzzle for me. That's absolutely not what I wanted to do. Is there any way to reset it?
  9. If you cancel a trade can you put it back up immediately or is there a cooldown? I want to edit my "wants" but I can't do that without cancelling the trade.
  10. Is there a trick to make sure eggs hatch at specific times (such as with Sunrise/Sunsets) or is it just down to luck?
  11. A small quibble. Siyat society is based around the idea that purples are wiser/more intelligent, there is nothing to suggest that this is true. It seems more like ingrained propaganda from an oppressive culture rather than an actual biological fact. So I doubt the validity of the brain damage thing. Of course, they're still terrible, just marginally less so. I think having only nice ones, neutral ones and "jerks" ignores a crucial detail. These are dragons. They're not cats or something. They're powerful, intelligent beings of human or above-human intellect. And much like humans, it only makes sense for them to have the capacity for great evil.
  12. Yeah, those are pretty much my exact thoughts.
  13. Well yeah, that's when they hatch. I would assume that you can't gain enough views to hatch them in a single day, however, so I was wondering when it was best to put them up on sites.
  14. Yeah I'm very much a believer in Word of God being canon. Albus Dumbledore is gay. Purple siyats are vicious and tyrannical. I got so wrapped up in the lore I forgot to ask my hatching based question. How do you make sure an egg hatches when you want it to? Do you fog it until four/five days for a purple, for example? Most eggs I put up at about six days, and they usually hatch at four.
  15. Wow. The lore has made me love the siyats, when before I was just okay with them. Yeah, they're terrible, but that's what's great about them. It's an interesting and compelling dynamic. It kinda makes me want to write a fanfic where a green couple has an egg in secret and tries to raise it as a purple, but the purples find out and take the egg from them, but it's already too late for it to hatch blue, so they raise it as part of the aristocracy. Later in life, the adopted purple learns of its past and goes out to find its parents, and start a revolution from within. Love the mimics too. The lore is great.
  16. Please add me to the lists Forum Name: ViridianIgnis Scroll Link: Scroll PM Link: PM Proof that I read the rules: Green List Request: Shimmerscale - Silver
  17. It does sort of help but not really. I was suggesting an OFFICIAL, COMPREHENSIVE, size chart. There are still lots of breeds missing from the chart in that thread.
  18. I know this would take a lot of effort as new dragons are constantly being added to the cave and the list would have to be updated regularly, but wouldn't it be great if there was a size reference sheet for all Drag Cave dragons? It would be a tool for fanfiction writers and roleplayers to use to avoid massive inaccuracies of size. Fanartists could also use it if they are drawing a scene with multiple types of dragons.