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  1. True TPBM has taken down their Christmas decorations already!
  2. lol It's gone down hill since I was here last...could really do with some new curtains..
  3. True - more than likely lol TPBM is ticklish!
  4. False I don't eat burgers! TPBM had a superhero doll for Christmas
  5. ....falseish..depends how big..I guess..never actually thought about it in great detail..wait, let me think..... ...y..es.yes yes I do! True!!! and I cannot lie about it! TPBM has a huge Lionel Richie and the Commodores album collection.
  6. One does not simply toss a stone and hopscotch into Mordor.
  7. False never met one TPBM ate chocolate twice today!
  8. strange men in telephone boxes..don't ask me why! haha
  9. One does not simply pack a picnic hamper, sandwiches and lemonade, braid daisies in one's hair and skip merrily into Mordor. Ree-ally it just simply isn't the done thing!
  10. True...although I don't go out of my way to eat it. I'm too slow sooo False never heard of so cannot say if I like Vampire Diaries! TPBM Wears very big earrings
  11. You toob - Poetry slams and stuff!