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  1. So happy to see new drakes! Thanks!
  2. Yay new eggs! Thank you!
  3. Oh boy a new release! I knew I should have made time to look at drag Cave yesterday. Trying now is miserable on an iPad Thanks TJ!
  4. All finished and time for fogging! Happy Halloween!
  5. Love the shiny eggs. Those are always my favorite! I loved that many of the last releases have been shiny or glinting. They are so lovely! Thanks... not a fan of downtime though
  6. This darling is my favorite. I couldn't believe my luck http://dragcave.net/lineage/j1ITD
  7. Great! Now I just need for some to last until my next batch hatches! But there is always next year to grab the breeds I'm missing.
  8. On Nov. 1 will all of the unclaimed bred Halloween eggs on the AP just disappear, or is there still an opportunity to pick some of them up? Im going to end up short pumpkins unfortunately.
  9. An AP Balloon AP Daydream CB electric and I don't remember the last. Those were the good old innocent days when I had no idea what a rare was
  10. Same here. Not sure that it isn't a problem with my internet though/
  11. I do love new dragons, but I am in agreement on new drops being bad.
  12. Very nice sprites on both breeds. Yay for new dragons!
  13. Hahah for the love of fluffy kittens! If small fluffy kittens depended on me catching my last green then they would be in a sad state!
  14. Thanks for the new release!
  15. Really liked this release! Not so much competition when you can't predict where some of them will be! Thanks TJ and spriters.
  16. Finally caught my second CB tan ridgewing. Now I have a pair!
  17. Name : RedGold Rush Breed : Gold Mate/s : Aemili I'zalis Fail to produce : Gold Progeny : http://dragcave.net/progeny/9tMtM He refused his first mate, failed to produce anything three weeks in a row with his new mate and now has 10 red children when ALL I need is a gold from him to get to a fourth gen perfect checked gold! Little jerk, never been so frustrated with pixels before
  18. Caught my first chicken I didn't even recognize the description so it was completely accidental!
  19. My CB silver finally gave me a silver with his Royal Blue mate!
  20. I have really started preferring to drop into the AP with rares like golds since I have not even been getting a "thank you" when I glomp!
  21. I saw someone asking for metals for a single CB Golden Wyvern. Has their value skyrocketed that much?
  22. I like to breed my messy gold http://dragcave.net/progeny/N2ohS for the AP and my messy silver http://dragcave.net/lineage/1Mr7J also my Shimmer http://dragcave.net/lineage/YXkMb and my two soulpeaces together Its like giving someone a little lottery!
  23. Achieved a personal gifting goal when my metals FINALLY started cooperating! *tossed a shimmer to the AP, so keep your eyes peeled in a few days if you don't have one! (a bit long gen tho)*
  24. Got my gold trophy =) So happy for another egg slot!