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  1. I don't know..I feel like I need more http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/Cathyl00
  2. I'm working on the border at the moment...but after that's done, there'll be trees and dragons and...cats all over the place http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/Cathyl00
  3. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Cathyl00
  4. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Cathyl00
  5. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Cathyl00
  6. I just started collecting. My favorite one so far is this one:
  7. cathil

    The Creatures

    I know now. I'll keep the price of an adoptable at 10, and you can gain 1 crystal for clicking other's pets. The crystals that you receive when you first register is 20. (And sometimes I might randomly gift you some.)
  8. cathil

    The Creatures

    Hmm...I wonder what happened... I remember setting it to, "When can it be adopted? Always." I'm not quite sure why...I'll try to fix it. If I can't, then I'll give everyone 100 crystals to get some new adoptables. --- Alright, I'm sorry but for some reason I can't fix it...I'll give everyone 100 crystals to get some adoptables. The rest of the crystals to spend on adoptables, well, you may have to earn... Sorry for the inconvenience!
  9. This adoptables site was made yesterday...and is still in progress... The admin is Gcl (me) and the moderator is Brookreed Artists: Gcl, Alex Members: blufadoodle, Isis, Ainiayo, panfish5awesome, Zara, StarSea, uniqueme, unicornsomething, pencil, AwesomePandas You can visit the site here.
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    How didn't this come up when I searched for it? My username is CATHERINE...
  11. I love the gold and white Irises, the hibiscuses, the columbines, and the lilies. I have to say pansy number 3 has amazing colors, though.
  12. My vase I want to cover the bottom of the branches, but whenever I get a flower that helps me cover it, it suddenly moves to another spot...
  13. I love it! Yours is the only one that I know that isn't in winter...mine is sorta...but I want it to be a magical land... I was just thinking of Alice in Wonderland, because I watched the movie before making my gingerbread house.
  14. Thanks! I forgot to add the /username part... Oh, and I wont add claws to the white side...I vision it as two different dragons, smushed up into one...I guess...the white side is a big fluffy pillow dragon or something.
  15. My house Can anyone give me tips on what to add? On the dragon? I'm definitely not done with the dragon... I don't want wings, though...I've tried, and it didn't look too good...
  16. Please edit rather than double posting (comment removed and added to the post above this one).
  17. Here's my house. I don't think it's that great compared to others... edit: I'm still working on the dragon...
  18. Hows mine? Yes, I know the dragon needs more work...I'm still working on it....but how is it so far?
  19. Not good? Pppth.... One of my favorites!
  20. Hows my house? Yes, I know, the dragon needs more detail...I'm not done with it yet.
  21. Mine isn't that creative...I just stole ideas from others and added my own twist. But then again, who hasn't? Then I thought of checkerboards, and made my own idea-board games. I was mostly doing cards so then I thought of Alice in Wonderland, and made a tree with a little cat in it...
  22. Great! it's just that there's so much roof decorations it's almost as if the bottom has nothing.
  23. My house isn't finished quite yet (mostly the dragon), but what do you think about it?