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yswd86ph.pngValkemarian_Tales_gold_dragon.gifLLEjtAj.gif Valkemarian_Tales_nhiostrife_wyvern.gif Egwenna.gif ARK2-1.gifI accept IOUs if you're reliable

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    I'm always searching for BSA Hatchlings (Pink, Red, Purple)

    You can talk to me in German or English.

    I'm willing to breed my dragons for newbies for free. Just ask :3

    All dead eggs on my scroll are failed experiments. I only experiment with CB commons.


    Thanks to all the kind people helping me with my breeding project^^



    I owe:

    Owed to me:

    2nd gen Mistletoe X White to dragonstar (DONE)
    2nd gen Snowangel X Terrae from dragonstar (RECEIVED)
    2nd gen Gold X male Silver from Miral (RECEIVED)
    Shimmer-Offspring of Alphabet Shimmer X Radiant Angel to WoLfgIrLyS (DONE)
    Shimmer-Offspring of [udwQj] X Mistletoe from WoLfgIrLS (RECEIVED)
    Four CB Speckle-Throat hatchlings to angelicdragonpuppy (4/4) (DONE)
    Shimmer-Offspring of Princesa Tetra de Hyrule (2pVwe) X CB Green Copper from angelicdragonpuppy (RECEIVED)
    Eight CB Moonstone hatchlings to Viar (8/8) (Second pack grew up. If you see this feel free to PM me)