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  1. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name:Ladyfoxwomen Need to level up. fort slowly getting stronger with more health.
  2. Just did. fixed pu my fort but no extra snow oh well... even though I know it'll get totaled again Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Ladyfoxwomen it'll help me lv up so hay fire away.
  3. coolness. I wish you could send people snow or something cause I need like 2 units of snow and I don't want to wait two hours... groan.
  4. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Ladyfoxwomen fire away my fort is pathetic but hey I don't care if I don't get in the raffle I'll just have fun.
  5. yah.. I only like just joined..... only heard about it a few days ago. only joined cause I felt like it. seriously wish I didn't have to wait an hour to get more snow to chuck at some one oh well. I noly felt like joining didn't even know there was a raffle meh building a fort was fun.. as pathetic as it is.. need mor effing snow.. fire away at me.. my snow fort is pathetic and weak.
  6. possibly, very creative. it would make sense too.
  7. Mine haven't grown up. Damn hatchlings. So I don't know what the adults look like
  8. grow my little dragons. I wonder if it has anything to do with the dragons? probably not but....
  9. cute poem. Ugg I'm to lazy to go check all last nights post that would take to long I'll sit and wait. And while I wait hope my little hatchlings grow.
  10. I snet a rose to a suer called Iloveyou. I doubt anything will happen cause I know it has nothing to do with sending/receiving flowers or anything. Grrr even if I don't get one I'd at least like to know how anyway it's starting to bug me
  11. Mine are still hatchlings. Can't wait for them to grow
  12. I wanted to click his drags oh well. Hmmmm
  13. I typed in TJ09 which is TJ's scrol and it said the scroll I was looking for can't be foubd. dang
  14. I'm probably going to want to hit myself when I find out it was something soo obvious.
  15. nice. I'm running low on ideas. I feel like it's something so obvious we keep ignoring it.
  16. hmmm I sent a gardenia to a user called gardenia. I'm running low on ideas
  17. hmm I sent one to "yourself" it's a real username so... let's see what happens.
  18. I did that. no rare Gardenia flower yet.
  19. Same it would be nice to have one but it's not like "Must have or will freak out " or something. Also sent yah a flower