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  1. I just got this one today. I'm pleased.
  2. I've read over this thread a few times and I'm still a little confused. Do I just PM someone on a list with a gift? Or do I wait to be pm'd a request? And how do you know if we've given a gift so to get a point?
  3. I want to be a breeder! Forum User: Sarramy Scroll Link: Scroll PM Link: PM What are you willing to breed?: Anything on my scroll, but I won't bite or neglect. Any other requirements (no gifting/killing/biting/e.c.t)?: Don't abandon, trade, or do anything that could kill it (like earthquake, biting, etc). Freezing is fine. Please name them. If you breed then please gift the second egg you produce with it. I want to be added to a List! Forum User: Sarramy Scroll Link: Scroll Requested list: Blusang Lindwurm PM link: PM
  4. Thanks! (And thanks to all who answered after that reply as well)
  5. So I know the new Christmas eggs start dropping at midnight, but what time zone?
  6. I'm really enjoying this event! This is my first Christmas with DC, I didn't know it would be this fun. I've managed to get 2 of each previous year (except Holly, only have one of those). My daughter and fiance are really having fun too, though neither of them have a Holly. They are so jealous! This thread was so helpful with the cooking game. Thanks to the spreadsheet I was able to finish all my cooking.