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    Holly lineages - all mates CB, messy lines might be inbred.

    5th gen:
    Holly Inferno x (pink) stairstep multi-breed
    (3lrjj) x (pink) perfect stairstep dead-line
    Sergeant Foe Thuwed x Sorrows Will Be No More perfect spiral
    (eqwBo) x (white) perfect stairstep
    (guRho) x (skywing) perfect spiral (mate needed)

    6th gen:
    Spirit of 10 x (red) messy spiral
    Kinkai Noir x Flight of Stars (nebula) stairstep multi-breed
    (KhM7V) x (white) purebred spiral
    Blissful Night of Ivy x (purple) purebred stairstep
    Emperor Laetificat x Lavender Jingle (purple) perfect pink/purple stairstep
    Sergeant Snow Thuwed x At The Sound Of His Roar (winter) perfect spiral
    (jPieE) x (pink) dead-line perfect stairstep
    (THwC3) x CGr89 (purple) perfect stairstep
    (Lxja2) x Winter of discontent (winter) perfect spiral
    (5TV93) x (pink) dead-line perfect stairstep (mate needed)

    7th gen:
    (FXPD8) x No-paws Fooler Jingle (skywing) perfect spiral
    Starry Noir x 5mpF5 (blue nebula) multi-breed stairstep
    Spirit of Lullaby x JcVf5 (red) messy/spiral
    (ozFsm) x (purple) perfect stairstep (mate needed)

    8th gen:
    Dancing Blizzard Thuwed Dorkface x Dancer's Gold (Golden Wyvern) messy
    (NjZBo) x When he bares his teeth (winter) messy/spiral

    9th gen:
    Cahro's Frozen Dance Thuwed Dorkface x (golden wyvern) messy (mate needed)

    11th gen:
    Old Took Noel x (red) messy

    13th gen:
    Noel Harmony x Lady of the First Noel (white Stripe) messy
    Greenwing Dorkface x (winter) messy inbred (mate needed)

    14th gen:
    Tee's Harmony x (white stripe) messy

    16th gen:
    Egg 35 x (white) messy