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  1. I have a Hope dragon I had forgotten to update. Giving Much Hope
  2. Saw my 1st C.B Silver in the Alpine, and just stared, until I realized it was a Silver *facepalm*
  3. Just caught a C.B Golden Wyvern in the AP
  4. I have a question. Do I have to name the c.b mate with the word hope?
  5. Well whoever got the Silver Hatchling in the AP I just saw must be lucky.
  6. I'm just gonna quote myself from a post in another thread.
  7. Okay guys, prepare for this, all in just one day: *Quickly Clicks* A Leetle Tree *Freaks Out* *Misses the 1st time seen in AP, immediately clicks the second time* A Silver *Checks lineage* Dorkface Silver *Dies* *Regenerates like a Time Lord* *Frantically Clicks* A C.B Icicle *Stares, Clicks, Big Grin* A nicely lineaged Silver Tinsel February 22, 2013. Won't every forget this day.
  8. Wow. How lucky can you get. I got a silver, the same day I got a leetle tree. Think I'm gonna trade it though, long lineage.
  9. Online, I act way more mature. Otherwise.....I'm a bit.....spontaneous?
  10. Gr.....I've been wanting a leetle tree for so long!
  11. I would just like to mention that I had named my female hope hatchling Links to Hope. Wasn't sure if we needed that sort of update or not, because I saw an post of all the names....