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  1. If anyone would be willing I'm looking for a low gen holly. I'd like to be able to gift the eggs out randomly next year.
  2. I'm not real sure what to do with it. I also have this one. Dusk Dorkwed
  3. I got this from a friend of mine the other day and thought I would share it here and see what everyone has to say. My Thuwed
  4. Davrick

    Dusk Lineage

    Here is the one I picked up in the abandoned cave. Not really sure what to name her though.. linage
  5. What is a good clean lineage? Care to share some examples?
  6. I found this one in the abandoned cave. Lineage
  7. Davrick


    Soo I was looking at my eggs. I am new here and saw the lineage link and clicked it and was shocked by how big it was. I talked to my friend who got me started here and she was talking about Dorkfaces and Thuweds and I was like huh? So she linked me the wiki page which lead me here. I thought I would ask here what you think of the egg in question. Lineage