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  1. Rest in peace with my CB White Zyumorph with the neat code of (FILMS). Of all the eggies I've lost in the last few days from this, (FILMS) is the one I wish I could get back.
  2. Glad someone's on the case. Super bummed my caveborn white zyumorph died, though. And I've never had any eggs with softshell before.
  3. I was gone for almost two years, and I came back about this time last year. I didn't realize that there were such things as holiday dragons then (because I hadn't been playing long when I left), so the only valentines dragon I have is H'atek, my heartseeker. My list for him is full though. And I think Starlorne is looking forward to having non-nebula babies.
  4. I'll join! I'll make a Google Docs for them later, though, once my current eggs have hatched. I needed a challenge that didn't involve expanding my nebula army. (Although, I'm probably gonna keep breeding reds until I've got enough to incubate every egg I get ahold of without running out of reds who can incubate.....) Oh well. This sounds interesting. It ought to keep me outta trouble.