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  1. Looking for an exact egg I lost. was lost approx ~20mins ago, so will be possible to catch in 3-4 days, I believe. https://dragcave.net/lineage/1dwZe need this 2G prize from spinel, was abandoned because of me being egglocked. can breed another 2G for swap or some prizekins.
  2. Hope so, influenced her Thank you!
  3. Win here, yay. Actually, that was really unexpected
  4. are there any plans for making possible to reply than cancelling trade? or asking for edit, for example..
  5. checked 1st January and it was also free but January 1 was taken
  6. Maybe not all of them are written in right way, but I'm still happy Aegis Orta Onepunchman Bloodivores Hidarime Tantei Miryu Ryu Jin Ryu Peace in the whole world Kirigaya Suguha The Greatest Fusion Fantasy Kuro Yami Towa no Quon Combat Continent Kudzho Gun Gale Online Tales of Demons and Gods Amalgam of Distortion Toriel Dreemurr Natsume's Book Of Friends Neppu Kairiku Bushi Road Kuangshen City of Dead Sorcerer Kizumonogatari One Last God Kubera KonoSuba
  7. -removed- Please only post eggs or dragons that are your own.
  8. Congratz winners) Hope to trade with someone later :3
  9. Yum! pizza with sausages
  10. Yuck! Chicken with vegetables
  11. Yum! Mix of banana and choco ice?
  12. Yum! what about just.. Salt? O_o
  13. CB vampire) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  14. Don't know. But sounds interesting) Yum meat dumplings (Pelmeni)
  15. I don't know about onion soup.. But Yum! Cheasecake
  16. Yum! Tasty C: well. Mushroom soup?