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Breeding List (Prizes and 2G)  

Virn                 Virea

Vrr4b.gif    ttIEQ.gif


PM me for any questions~

Если что, можно и по-русски

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    I like name-like coded dragons like in this group https://dragcave.net/group/127698
    I like code-worded dragons with Russian or English words, or numbers-only codes/just funny combinations etc like here https://dragcave.net/group/56485
    I can breed any of these dragons (if they'll not refuse ofk) for you, feel free to PM me.

    I also have 2 Gold Shimmers, and I can breed a PB 2G gold shimmer for you, but I'll request at least another 2G prize, or some number of rare dragons (for now I prefer Stateraes)

    I have breeding list, you can find it in my Signature

    I try to reply on all messages, so don't be afraid to PM me
    If I owe you something and it's not written in my list, feel free to PM me. Maybe I messed something and lost you. I am really sorry if that happened.

    And yes, English is not my native language, so sometimes I write too complicated (like this one) messages and make stupid mistakes. Feel free to correct me, or ask me to explain my words somehow different.