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  1. Bred a white egg from a silver x white pair, so I abandoned it. Didn't check the code until a few minutes later Really wish I had kept that. Congrats to whoever grabs it.
  2. I named mine after a few phrases in a Catullus poem from my Latin class, since I tend to use Latin when I can't think of any good names. One is Mille Basiorum CB (meaning A Thousand Kisses), and the other is Multa Basia CB (meaning Many Kisses). Catullus 5 is a beautiful love poem, and I thought it was fitting for these pretty Valentine's Day dragons. So glad my CB gold didn't refuse Mille Basiorum, they make such a lovely couple *squees*
  3. When you're going through your scroll and your roommates start squeeing over the pretty dragons, and make their own accounts because they think collecting dragons is so cool Also when you catch/breed fairly uncommon dragons that you already have, you ask said roommates if they want it before you put it up on a trading site. And then you feel like a crack dealer. When you have spreadsheets keeping track of breeding pairs and offspring to prevent inbreeding in your lineages. When you only plan to spend a half hour online before going to study, and you end up taking the rest of the day off to read interesting threads on the DC forum and giving your 2 cents on each topic. And then realizing that the most recent comments on the top five threads are all yours because everyone else is doing important stuff while you derp around on DC.
  4. A few more things I thought of that don't quite make sense: If you've reached your egg limit and try breeding/catching another one, do your dragons just remind you not to take any more and get rid of extras for you? Or are there dragon police that come by and confiscate your extra eggs? I personally think there's adoption/customs officers that check your scroll before you take your eggs home to make sure you have room for it. When dragons are killed, they have a headstone for a while before it disappears. Do the dragon owners forget where the grave was? Also, the DC graveyard only shows the most recently dead dragons. Do they just recycle headstones or what? The description for Black Marrow dragons says "their skull and the top edges of their spine push out from under the skin as they age." Horns I understand, but bits of bone poking through dragon hide sounds really painful, like teething except for their entire life. Ouch. How do unbreedable eggs show up in the wild? Chickens and dinos I sort of understand as breeding in the wild but not in captivity (because we don't know which gender is which or how to get roosters or something), but where do paper and cheese eggs come from? Yeah, the originals were created by magic gone wrong, but are there wizards secretly making more of them, or have they figured out how to breed on their own?
  5. Usually not between different species. The most common reason rl hybrids can't produce offspring is because they have an odd number of chromosomes, so during meiosis (creation of gametes, aka sexual cells like eggs/sperm) when the scrambled copies of chromosomes are split in half (to create the half-set of genes one parent contributes to its offspring), the odd number prevents them from being evenly divided when the cell splits. For example, a donkey has 62 chromosomes, while a horse has 64. The horse-donkey hybrid, either a mule or a hinny, has 63 chromosomes (31 + 32). Half of 63 is 31.5, but you can't have half of a half of a chromosome in a gamete, so unless there's an error in the process most of the eggs or sperm are not viable. Dog breeds (and wolves) have the same number of chromosomes, and are close enough in genetics that their offspring are usually viable (beyond physical limits, which is why you don't see Great Dane-chihuahua mixes ). Hybrid dragons could be more like the dog/wolf example, but when they breed with a dragon of a different species the offspring are either one parent or the other like usual. I don't know, maybe dragon genetics are more like flowers, with mixing happening in some instances but more likely having one parent's breed be more dominant than the other's, if there is a specific gene controlling "breed". That's the part where science throws up its hands and says, "Because magic, that's why!"
  6. I want seasonal dragons with reversed lineages- like spring, winter, fall, summer instead of the usual order. I'm actually working on them slowly, but each gen takes almost a year WANT NOW!!!!
  7. Maybe because vampires are less commonly known as Schrodinger's dragons Leetle trees are cuter than baby dragons? How? Hitting refresh on the AP means what exactly? We blink and suddenly there are different eggs there? Breeding: "Oh hai Miss Gold Dragon Who Just Grew Up. Would you plz go make babbies with my first CB white dragon who is older than dirt? No? Okay, I'll leave you alone for a week, but start thinking dirty thoughts about this Ghost dragon mkay?" Geez, no wonder some dragons refuse to mate. Hybrids... somehow they're able to have viable offspring? How do holiday collecting games work on scrolls? We just poke the little festive image that randomly appeared on the piece of paper we list our dragons on? Shallow water dragon's BSA makes the most sense. Splashes do nothing.
  8. I end up checking my abandoned offspring when I forget which of my dragons are related (probably why I started combining their parents' names & adding which gen they are to their names). Usually, I abandon the eggs from a rare X not-as-rare breeding if it's the not-as-rare breed, since I already have plenty of them (frozen or adult). I like to see what other people do with naming them, because sometimes I come across eggs with lineages of awesome names in the AP, and I try to keep it going. I also like checking up on the rares I do sometimes breed and trade away, just to see what their new owner is doing. It kind of annoys me when I continue a nice stairstep lineage to get a decent trade, and the new owner goes and messes it up because they don't have the right dragon or they don't care. It'd be kind of interesting to see which user has the most of my cast-off dragons, as like a stat or something. I'd want to send them a thank-you note for taking care of them, but it would be kinda creepy if they were only picking up my eggs because they were obsessed or something
  9. I haven't even considered what I'd do if I won until I saw this thread I was more worried about crazy Midwest weather and my college closing for the past 2 days. After looking through a few pages, I figure any prize dragon I won would be awesome. 2G breeding experiments would be used for trading, and maybe I'll send one in every four offspring to the AP. If I got HM and could choose something, I'd go for a CB Black dragon alt, a white-tipped Snow Angel (if that alt is possible for my scroll, the ones I have are tri-colored), or a CB Holly. I just got my first Holly this year after being on DC for the past 3 years, and I froze it because its lineage was terrible. (Yes, I am picky about lineages even if it's a rare dragon. I prefer freezing messy lineages so I won't accidentally continue it, and because I like having the hatchling sprites. So there.) I have some punny ideas for codes, but I need to write them down so I don't forget. I want to make lineages of dragons with bad puns for names a new fad!
  10. One of mine is named Elsabeth, sort of like Elsa from Disney's Frozen, and the other is named Hiemare, which is Latin for "I am frozen", also inspired by Disney's Frozen Their color scheme reminds me so much of the movie.
  11. I should definitely be doing homework right now... maybe... *thinks about it* NAH! I definitely want to get a head start on egg-grabbing and zombie-raising, since I'll be in class most of tomorrow.
  12. http://dragcave.net/lineage/AwJLo Definitely naming it after its code, just for lols
  13. I kept seeing the White Dragons everywhere on the Gaia forums, but I think it was a Nebula dragon that finally lured me to the site. I wanted to know where people were getting them from, and I jumped on the bandwagon in the process.
  14. I went away this weekend with my boyfriend to a place without computers (and limited phone service), thinking I could totally pick up the new releases when I came back today. Didn't realize the coppery ones released Sunday were probably going to be rare ones, and now I'm sitting here head-desking because copper is my favorite metal. I kid you not; my hair is naturally copper-ish, I'm a chemistry major and I love copper compounds, and I was hoping for a copper dragon ever since I grabbed my first gold and silver dragons. I love you, bf, but now I wish I bugged you more to take your laptop with us. EDIT: Huge thank-you to the person who gifted me a copper. You are an awesome person
  15. If I catch an egg or hatchie from the AP and I don't have one of that breed already frozen, I freeze them. Same goes for those with long, messy lineages. As for myself, I try not to make inbreds, because if I plan on trading it I won't get many offers, even when it's a low-gen hybrid or rare. I prefer not to accept any inbreds in trades, either, unless I am desperate and it's all I can afford *cough*read sig*coughcough*
  16. Only for a few that kinda make sense. It's easier for me to either name them after their parents or a favorite character (or something fitting in Latin) than to come up with a crazy unreadable name. jOyKT = Joykite 2G fail (Would make more sense if it was a wyvern, but I couldn't pass up something that easy. It was a Soulpeace-fail, hence the "fail" bit) OEW1A = Ouan 2G fail (Another Soulpeace-fail. Like I said, most of my codes require a bit of a stretch to make sense) That's it for now, but I'll probably update this once I find other easy codes to mess with.
  17. I'm not sure if this has already been answered, but how many dragons would you need to make an even-gen lineage of all the dragons currently released into the cave, in alphabetical order? And how many generations would it take? By alphabetical, I mean across the CB generation. Like, Albino x Arsani, then Balloon x Black, then Black Marrow x Blusang, etc. Then the offspring of each CB pairing breed, so the offspring of AlbinoxArsani breeds with the offspring of BalloonxBlack, and so on. Limiting factors are dragon species that can breed with one another, and single-gendered holiday dragons that can fit alphabetically. Is it possible?
  18. I wish that the AP cave constantly refreshed itself, or worked like a luggage carousel in an airport. So you'd see more eggs with different times, instead of the ones that nobody wants over and over again. And if you missed something it would circle around again. Or if you grabbed something from the AP, and instantly abandon it again, that it's tagged or something so you don't grab the same one. Or that all of them have their codes on their shells. I wish my Magma, Ice, and Thunder dragons would take summoning lessons so I can actually get a GoN in the next decade :/ I also want everybody to stop hovering over the first and last eggs in the AP so I have a decent chance of grabbing something, since my computer is ridiculously slow.
  19. -When you turn down cuddle-times with your bf at the turn of the hour so you can try and catch CB rares. -When you're late to anything because you just had to refresh the AP "one more time" :/ -When you finally get off the computer at 3 am, it's because the site went down for daily maintenance, not because you finally got tired.
  20. Not finding DC earlier. I completely missed the pinks and frills. Not knowing that the F5 button refreshed the page, so I didn't have to go back and forth like an idiot. Grabbing all my first eggs from the AP. I didn't care about their lineages then, which is probably why I didn't start trading until a few months ago. Using forum posts on another website instead of click sites to hatch & grow my eggs. Being too busy to catch all of the Easter eggs this year, including the Portal turret one! :'( Breeding my first silver dragon when I was egglocked. "What are the chances of her producing a silver egg on her first try?" I said. "I can always catch another decent lineaged one from the AP," I said. It took me almost a year to get another silver, and his lineage sucks [Edit] Also, forgetting that IOUs are not allowed here. Slipped my mind completely until I got a warn for one in a trading thread. Didn't post for a month after because I was afraid I'd forget another rule.
  21. I hate those dreams. The first one I had, I was playing football with one of my neighbors & I got kicked in the face. I went into her house to clean up, but I couldn't find the bathroom because there was a rave going on. I looked in a mirror instead, & saw half of my teeth were broken or missing. The creepiest thing was that I felt the empty spots with my tongue in my dream. I woke up in a panic and spit out my retainers to check that my teeth were still there. In the second one, I was walking around a morgue/crypt and tripped on something, smashing my head into the stone floor. I found a tray and spat out my broken teeth, which seemed to be dyed blue with Kool-Aid or something. Again, could feel the empty spots with my tongue. All I could think was, "Well, crap. Now I gotta tell mom that all the money she put into making my teeth straight was for nothing."
  22. My sister was at a friend's house for a sleepover, and she fell asleep before everyone else. She apparently got out of her sleeping bag, walked over to her friend's closet, opened it, and grabbed her friend's slipper. Then she said "Mmm, cheeseburger,' and started chewing on it. Her friend tried to grab the slipper back, but my sister said "No, MY cheeseburger!" She hates cheeseburgers I did talk in my sleep once, when I was over at my bf's place. He said I mumbled something about a kangaroo, and then giggled like I was possessed.