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  1. I will stare at my seedlings until they grow. I'm so excited!
  2. I've had to work a double shift, so I've totally missed on on the eggies! I hope to be able to nab some. Two headed dragons in general are my absolute favorites.
  3. I forgot and egg locked my scroll. I'm so dumb. I could only dump off two of my eggies. The others have 3 hours 'til cooldown.
  4. I wonder if you can breed them for different colors, liked the Stripes...
  5. When copper oxidizes, it changes into something else that is no longer copper metal. So when you get the green stuff, there's actually less metal there, and thus it is worth less.
  6. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Got a red one. Now to get a brown, and then I have one of each! EDIT: got a brown, so now I got a green to gift.
  7. I'm glad that I'm not obsessed with lineages or dates or whatever. I just want one of each color tonight, and eventually a m/f of each color. I will eventually get what I want, but I have two blues right now. I want an orange and a brown.
  8. Literal 30 second drop right thar'.
  9. Suddenly got 2 grey-greens. I wanna red one.
  10. The lag is the worst I've seen all week!
  11. My black caps are sick, and they have only 15 hours until they hatch. It's not like they have many views at all either, and I've been gently(?) spreading it out. And they have only just started cracking. Poor babies.
  12. I have to wait 19 hours until my next eggies hatch. What a shame! These eggs are completely beautiful, and I like the idea of them being scented.
  13. *LOUD SQUEALING* I finally got one! Now I'm going to bed. Good luck everyone! Now I feel bad though. I scared my guinea pigs with my inhuman shrieks.
  15. I'm clicking like a madwoman, then soothing myself down in between attempted egg-napping by reading Harry Potter meta. I'm having fun now. No new guys for me yet, but they will come. It's already 100 less people grabbing than when it started.
  16. I have an f5 question! On my laptop it just changes the screen brightness, so should I be pressing ALT+F5 or something like that? Jumping up to the refresh button is killing my chances.
  17. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag. These are beauties though!
  18. Totally psyching myself up with the Bioshock soundtrack. Rapidly clicking at eggs to "All Spliced Up" or "The Engine City" really gets your heart pumping.
  19. Dang, all my male pinks aren't due to influence for another two days. I continued with my stupid project instead of saving up for the release. At least I didn't lock my scroll. Yet.
  20. But there is going to be a hybrid isn't there? I'm 99% sure it was mentioned earlier. EDIT: I could have sworn there was something, but now I can't find it.
  21. I'm betting the new BSA is healing, just from looking at the Soulpeace's (forever glitterball in my head) description...but that doesn't mean we're not purposefully getting fooled.
  22. I currently adore E Nomine, Eisbrecher, Sabaton, and Rammstein.
  23. I can't get enough of several songs currently. And when I mean can't get enough, I mean that I listen to them on a loop for 2-6 hours at a time. I am driving my family insane. Anyhow, the top three right now are: Schwarze Sonne by E Nomine (the extended version is the besssssst) Tanz Mit Mir by Eisbrecher Screaming Eagles by Sabaton All fabulous, fabulous musicians.